Couple married 47 years die of COVID at the same time on the same day

Their daughter describes it as a “Romeo and Juliet” type of tragedy, but this one has a pandemic twist: Leslie “LD” McWaters, 76, and Patricia McWaters, 78, of Jackson, who spent 47 years together, died one minute apart on the same day of COVID-19.
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Could Tik Tok Change Your Life? Check out the "Dreams Challenge"

The viral Tik Tok video of Nathan Apodaca has spawned copy cat videos.
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‘It Looked Like a Chicken Breast’: Man Finds Brain on Beach

A construction worker in Wisconsin found an interesting package during a stroll on the beach. And based on reactions of authorities that he showed it to, you don’t have to be a brainiac to figure out what it is.
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cow in pasture

Only In Wisconsin - A Sign For "Lost Cows"

Only in Wisconsin, will you see a sign for missing cows!
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Lt. Governor Mandela Barnes joined the show to talk about racism in Wisconsin

Lt. Governor Mandela Barnes joined the Elizabeth and Radar show to talk about the racial injustice issues going on in Wisconsin.
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Are You a True Wisconsinite? Take The "How Wisconsin Are You" Test

Sure, you think you are Wisconsin through and through...but take the test to find out!
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What You Need To Know - Updated Cities and Counties with Safer At Home Orders in SE WI

Since the, "Safer at Home" order was overturned by the Wisconsin State Supreme Court, several cities and counties issued their own guidelines.
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You can avoid "information overload" about the Coronavirus, with the new desktop and mobile app, Covid-19 Wisconsin Connect app!
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Governor Tony Evers Reveals "Badger Bounce Back Plan" for Wisconsin

The Governor announced the, "Badger Bounce Back" program on Monday, April 20, 2020
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MIX Zoom Roulette

Watch Wisconsin Celebrities play Zoom Roulette with Elizabeth and Radar

Elizbeth and Radar reached out local celebrities to join online for their first ever Zoom Roulette!
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