You Can Get a Free Burger King Whopper by Watching Live TV

In these dire times, Burger King is the ray of hope offering customers a free Whopper. To redeem the giveaway, it’s going to take a bit of work on your end as you have to watch live TV in hopes that you see the ad! Read more.
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Burger King Says Goodbye to Artificial Preservatives with Moldy Whopper Ad

Burger King hopes that its latest ad of a gross, moldy Whopper will make you want to buy more burgers that are free of artificial preservatives. See the ad.
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Is fake meat actually good?

Is fake meat actually good?? I've been (mostly) vegetarian for the past 3 years. On occasion I'll eat meat, but for the most part I try to stick to the veggies. There have been a ton of really great "meat substitute" options that have come out the past few years and I'll warn you, not all are...
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