Mila loves her balloon

The best toy for your pet!

What does your pet love to play with? We had a party at our house back in September and there were blown up balloons all over the floor. Our dog Mila quickly became entertained by the balloons and it soon became her favorite toy. Now we always have balloons in the house. This photo was just taken...
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Are You Ever Too Old To Do This?

It's the holiday season and the New Year, the perfect time to act like a kid.(Not that I don't always act like a kid) My girlfriend, Hannah, got me the coolest present ever for Hanukkah/Christmas, A Lego Pizza Set! She got it because I used to deliver pizzas and though I would have fun with it. Boy...
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The Talkboy Toy Turns 25 Years Old This Week!

It started as a prop for the 1992 hit movie, Home Alone 2: Lost In New York , but it became one of the hottest toys of the holiday season 25 years ago. Yes, we're remembering the Tiger Electronics product, Talkboy . In fact, the original model hit retail shelves 25 years ago this week. The product'...
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