Pregnant During the Coronavirus Outbreak? Doctors Say Skip Unnecessary Appointments

COVID-19 is scary for all of us, but it could be a bigger problem if you’re pregnant. If you’re pregnant, doctors advise to stay home — even skip all those doctor appointments.
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Molly Cruz Pregnant

The questions EVERYONE asks when you're pregnant... and the answers I really want to give.

Growing a human is hard work, and sometimes fielding questions from strangers and acquaintances can be equally as difficult. I must preface this by saying, I know most people come from a curious and caring place and do not mean to be invasive with their questions. Here are just a few common...
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I'm 22 Weeks Pregnant (Here's What I've Learned So Far)

Well, it's been an interesting 5 months. My first pregnancy and a LOT of change has already happened... with plenty more to come. Here are a few things I have learned so far during my pregnancy. Every momma's experience is completely different! No amount of googling or talking to other pregnant...
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Cher Lloyd Reveals She's Pregnant & The Baby Is Due in May!

Cher Lloyd surprised fans on Wednesday by revealing she was about five or six months pregnant.
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Mindy Kaling Reportedly Pregnant With Her First Child

Mindy Kaling 's next project will apparently involve motherhood. The actress is reportedly expecting her first child. We don't know too many details about Kaling's pregnancy. Sources close to Kalig called it an"unexpected surprise," according to E! . Kaling has not commented on the news yet. Her...
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Is Beyonce in Labor? Twitter is Freaking Out!

People are losing their minds because Beyoncé may or may not be in labor. If you thought the birth of Beyonce and Jay Z 's first child, Blue Ivy Carter , was a big deal you haven't seen anything yet. The birth of the "Carter twins" may very well be the biggest celebrity birth ever. Beyoncé and her...
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