How to get right with your money!

This expert in behavioral finance can help you get right with your money!
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Is Your Money On The Way? Track Your Stimulus Check

Starting April 15th, the IRS shows you how to track your stimulus money!
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Is That Stimulus Cash Coming Soon?

With the Coronavirus Pandemic, the government agreed to send stimulus money. It's coming on!
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No Need To Whine...The Price of WINE is Dropping!

Get ready to raise a glass! A huge bounty of grapes will drop the price of wine.
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You'll Pay Less For Heat This Winter In Wisconsin

You want the good news or bad news first? Ok, the bad is forecasters say Wisconsin is in for another long, cold winter. But...there is good news for We Energies customers! You'll pay less for heat this year! You won't have to wear a coat to save money. We says the average customer will pay 11% less...
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Points And Miles = FREE Money

We're all looking to learn how to save money, and there's no better time to start than right now.
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Maximize every purchase

Over the course of the next few weeks leading up to the Christmas holiday, I thought I'd share with you a few things that I've implemented to save extra cash, pad my frequent flier accounts, or in some cases, do both! We recently shared a video with you from the entire MIX staff talking about Cyber...
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What was your first job interview?

Remember your first job interview? My daughter, Hailey recently had her FIRST official job interview. She has babysat for people my wife and I know, but this was the first time she actually had to go for a sit-down interview! And, she got the gig! Since she's a freshman, she'll be working in the...
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LOOK: Surprising Stats and Facts - St. Patrick's Day 2018 By the Numbers

We've broken down some of the most surprising statistics about St. Patrick's Day 2018.
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