Lewis Capaldi

I'm Listening: Listen back to the moments you missed

This year for our 2020 I’m Listening broadcast we came together with artists and athletes not only to empower listeners to have open conversations around mental health but to demonstrate that talking can truly save lives.
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 I'm Listening 2020: In their own words

We’ve carved out some of the most memorable moments from the conversations we had with our I’m Listening Class of 2020 and share their powerful messages. From DJ Khaled to Demi Lovato each of these artists are using ‘talk’ as a tool to save lives.
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I'm Listening: Lewis Capaldi urges that therapy is for everyone

When we sat down with Lewis Capaldi, the Glasgow based singer deeply emphasized the importance of speaking with a therapist. Capaldi believes that everyone can benefit from speaking to a therapist.
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Listen To the 2020 Edition of 'I'm Listening' - Talk Has the Power To Save Lives

The 2020 edition of RADIO.COM’s I’m Listening is here for you. With the power of shared stories and experiences from artists, athletes, and health professionals we ask you to join us for a special two hour event on Wednesday, September 23 at 6PM.
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Elizabeth and Radar with Lewis Capaldi

Lewis Capaldi talks music, hair and internet trolls with Elizabeth and Radar

Lewis Capaldi joined Elizabeth and Radar on a Zoom call to talk about music, hair and internet trolls!
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Lewis Capaldi Sets Chart Record With 'Before You Go'

His latest single “Before You Go” has reached number-one on Billboard’s Adult Pop Songs chart, which measures radio airplay. It’s his second number-one on that chart, following last year’s smash “Someone You Loved.”
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Lewis Capaldi Says He Writes His Best Sad Songs When He's Happy

In the news lately about his infatuation with girlfriend Catherine Halliday, Capaldi dove into his songwriting process saying, “I write my best sad songs when I’m happy.”
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Here's How to Vote for the 2020 MTV VMAs

Voting is now open for the initial 2020 MTV Video Music Awards’ PUSH Best New Artist nominees. Repeat votes can be cast daily until July 30 when the final nominees will be revealed, as well as other categories for you to cast your vote on.
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Lewis Capaldi Says He'd Be Selling Fish Had His Career in Music Not Taken Off

The GRAMMY-nominee released Divinely Uninspired to a Hellish Extent in May 2019, which produced hits “Someone You Loved” and, from the album’s extended version, “Before You Go.”
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garage gym

Lewis Capaldi Shows Off His Workout To Get Shredded

Lewis Capaldi wants to help you get shredded!
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