Here's how to tell if you grew up in the "Cool House" on the block!

The top sign you grew up in the "cool house" as a kid!
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Hey Mom & Dad! Need a break from the kids?

Let Storyline Online give you a break from the kids
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I'm 22 Weeks Pregnant (Here's What I've Learned So Far)

Well, it's been an interesting 5 months. My first pregnancy and a LOT of change has already happened... with plenty more to come. Here are a few things I have learned so far during my pregnancy. Every momma's experience is completely different! No amount of googling or talking to other pregnant...
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Parents With Toddlers - This Will Bring You To Tears

Remember when you were, "up to your neck in diapers, baby food and tantrums?" Well, if you're a grizzled veteran to parenthood (kids are grown) you may feel like saying this to parents of toddlers and younger children.... "It goes by FAST"! Related ... Parents Guide to Surviving the Toddler Years I...
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What Happened to Grandpa? Tall Tales Kids Tell...

If you have little ones, you know they have big imaginations! They love telling stories to get your attention. Even if your kids are grown, you probably remember some stories they used to create! This week reminds me of a big ol' tale my oldest, Noah told his kindergarten teacher. Each year, "Shark...
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Avoid these mistakes when dyeing eggs!

Parents, this is the week you'll boil up those eggs (unless you use an Instant Pot!) and let the kids dye them. It's fun for families to create the colorful orbs for Easter. If you remember as a kid, it seemed like the longest wait was boiling them (or, again the IP!). There are a few main things...
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Do you let your pet do THIS?

If you have a pet, you may treat them like a human! But, do you let your dog...slurp out of your cup? This is our dog, "Gibby". Notice, I introduced him as, "our dog"...not our kid, family! My wife thinks he is a person! Treats him like a real, human....BOY! She lets him...
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LOOK: Jack Antonoff Reveals 'Sesame Street' Appearance With On-Set Images

Jack Antonoff went to Sesame Street and he’s got the pictures to prove it.
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VIRAL VIDEO: Cute Toddler Has a Serious Message For Santa

This video of a little girl getting ready to meet Santa at the mall has gone viral today. Why? Well, let's just say that this toddler has a serious message for St. Nicholas. In fact, Mila may not be on Santa's Nice List if he sees this video that was shared on KcStauffer's facebook page (she's a...
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How Does the Toys 'R' Us Bankruptcy Affect Shoppers?

The nation’s largest toy retailer, Toys ‘R’ Us , filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in a federal court yesterday. The company, which like many brick and mortar stores, has fallen victim to online shopping. The company is said to be looking to restructure about $5 billion in debt. So how...
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