Santa XXL

Can you top the size of this Santa?

Are you someone who goes crazy with outdoor decorations? I used to have inflatables in the front yard. From a Snowman and Snowwoman, to Santa and reindeer, our front yard was a wind machine. Add in the elves and little snow village, I USED to have a big display. The squirrels in our neighborhood...
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If You Love Fried Chicken "Yule" Want This Log

This time of year, you might like your house to smell like cinnamon, gingerbread or a Christmas tree. Well, Kentucky Fried Chicken says you can surprise your family with a different smell this year. KFC is turning to the holiday scent of....fried chicken! KFC’s 11 Herbs & Spices Firelog from @...
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radar wishbone

Be a winner and get to make your wish this holiday!

This holiday season, your dinner main dish may be a big ol’ turkey. Just like the lyrics in, “The Christmas Song” sing…. “Everybody knows, a turkey and some mistletoe”, the turkey is a holiday tradition for families to enjoy. Related - Easy Holiday Turkey Recipes Another tradition is about a...
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Holiday Tipping Guide: Everyone You Should Tip During the Christmas Season

The holidays are a time of cheer and good will, so show some Christmas spirit to the people who help you out every day of the year. A holiday tip shows you appreciate the hard work of your super, doorman, and mailman, and the extra money may even help them finance their own holiday gifts . Don’t...
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Photo Radar

Does Outdoor Holiday Decorating Include Thanksgiving?

Each year starting in October, you probably see yards decorated for Halloween. Once the spooky holiday is over, do you go right into putting up the Christmas decor? A great guy that lives in my neighborhood decorates his yard with a TON of Halloween stuff. Inflatable ghosts, a cat and pumpkins...
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Beautiful holdiay decorated room with Christmas tree with presents under it

When Do You Take Your Christmas Tree Down?

Christmastime is a joyous and special time of year, but it can also be a bit of problem for folks wrestling between keeping their homes tidy and getting every last bit of holiday spirit.
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Ariana Grande performs 'Last Christmas' and 'Santa Tell Me' during the taping of the Disney Parks 'Frozen Christmas Celebration' TV Special

Which Modern Holiday Song is Your Favorite?

Even though jams like The Jackson 5’s holiday tunes are unrivaled, modern spins delivered by some of our favorite pop artists deserve recognition too!
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Christmas Santa Guy With a Baseball Bat

Christmas-Themed "Rage Rooms" Are Now a Thing

“Rudolph’s Rage Room" lets you take out all your stress on a Christmas tree
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Have A Green Christmas too!

Wondering how you can have a green Christmas? Here’s a list of the most environmentally friendly options. Happy Holidays!
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10 Chain Restaurants That Will Be Open on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time to be with friends and family, but you don't have to do it at home. Many restaurants will open their doors to feed you (and your family) next Thursday. In fact, about 10% of Americans will celebrate the holiday at a restaurant . Who can blame them? Who wants to deal with the...
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