All-Female Delta Team Flew 120 Girls to NASA

Girl power! Delta has a flight from Salt Lake City to Houston every day, but one special flight was packed with girls who got a lucky behind-the-scenes look at aviation. Today @Delta celebrated International Girls in Aviation Day with our annual WING Flight - “Women Inspiring our Next Generation...
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A BOY Joins the American GIRL Doll Family

It's a BOY! After years of little girls loving the American Girl Doll collection, they decided to add some boys to their collection too! So far the reaction is overwhelmingly positive! What do YOU think?? See pics and the full story here !
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Does Molly Cruz Look Like a 'Simply Irresistible' Video Girl?

Some coworkers were teasing me today.. saying I look like one of the girls from the Robert Palmer 'Simply Irresistible' video. Do YOU see it?! - Molly Cruz Video of Robert Palmer - Simply Irresistible
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