Food Tasting

What Do Snacks From Greece Taste Like?

The last stop of Dave and Hannah Taste the Wolrd has us going to Greece. Some of the food is yum, and some is....ummmmmm. I wonder if Giannis likes this food. Video of Dave & Hannah Taste The World - Greece (With special guests Z Bot and Meli)
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What Do Snacks From Turkey Taste Like?

Remember I started that subscription service, Universal Yums ? My brother got me it for my birthday. Well basically, once a month I get a box of snacks from a different country. When I get those boxes, my girlfriend Hannah and I decide to taste everything on video. Here's episode 2 of Dave and...
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Do You Ever Wonder What Snacks Are Like Around The World?

I have a love of food. It's true! And when my brother told me that he ordered me a subscription to Universal Yums for my birthday, I couldn't wait to try it. I have the Yum Yum Box. You get 1 box per month, filled with 12 or more snacks! It was so exciting when I got the package, I felt like a...
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