Fun and Easy Bagels to Make Amidst The Madness

Bagels can be made at home! It's amazing what you can do with flour and water
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girl scout dave

Dave's Unofficial Tasting Of The Cookies We All Love

Tasting Girl Scout Cookies is always fun!
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cottage cheese noodles

Was I The Only Kid Who Grew Up Eating This?

I thought this was a normal comfort food that everybody ate. Turns out I was wrong!
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green bay dog

A Hot Dog For All Wisconsinites!

The Pack are back in the playoffs! And we need to celebrate, with food! I have created the ultimate Hot Dog to enjoy a Packer playoff game, and it is called THE GREEN BAY DOG. Here's what you need. Hot Dog Brat Deep Fried Jalepenos Deep Fried Cheese Curds Cheese Sauce Bacon Pretzel Bun Yup, that's...
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burger and fries

A Milwaukee Burger Spot That Is A Hidden Gem!

If there's something everybody needs to know about Wisconsin, it's that we have some amazing diners with amazing burgers. Well I've discovered one that has been a staple in Milwaukee for years, and I had absolutely no clue about it.It's been around since 1934! It's called MAZOS HAMBURGERS and it's...
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Thanksgiving Pizza Is The Food You Didn't Know You Needed

That looks delicous doesn't it? Everyone loves thanksgiving food, right? It's so comforting. And everyone love pizza, right? So why not combine the two for the ultimate Thanksgiving treat! Try it for this years festivities, I DARE YOU! All you need is: Pizza dough (store bought or homemade) Milk,...
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Wisconsin, We Got It Wrong With Our Favorite Pie!

PIE. A delicious food that everyone loves. Especially during the holidays!!! But what is the "favorite" pie in Milwaukee? Well you will be surprised, and I don't know if it's the good kind of surprise. Elizabeth, Radar and I discussed what we though was the "favorite" of Wisconsin. We guessed all...
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New Map Shows Wisconsin's Most Searched Thanksgiving Recipe

Now that we've hit November, it's time to put away thoughts of Halloween candy and think food! Maybe you have that specialty dish you make every year, and are set with your recipe. But, if you make something once a year, you may forget how to do it. Google has new research out, that shows what...
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What Do Snacks From Greece Taste Like?

The last stop of Dave and Hannah Taste the Wolrd has us going to Greece. Some of the food is yum, and some is....ummmmmm. I wonder if Giannis likes this food. Video of Dave & Hannah Taste The World - Greece (With special guests Z Bot and Meli)
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These Are The Best Dumplings In All of Wisconsin!!

I am a huge appetizer fan. Honestly, I won't go to a restaurant if it doesn't have some cool apps on the menu. And I especially love Asian Appetizers, or Dim Sum. So when MoMo Mee opened up in the Walker's Point area, I was pumped. MoMo Mee is an Asian restaurant specializing in dumpling (Momo) and...
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