Elizabeth Kay

Do You Know All 50 States

Elizabeth & Radar and Producer Dave give a run down of all 50 states because Wisconsin has made a top 10 list! Can you name all of the states?
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Hanson Super Fans!!!

Producer Dave went to the Riverside Theater this morning to catch up with some die hard Hanson fans who have been waiting since YESTERDAY AFTERNOON outside of the theater!
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Elizabeth Kay with Chevy

Happy Holidays from Chevy!

Looking for a vehicle that can handle your lifestyle and the harsh Wisconsin winters? Then look now further, this is your answer! Video of Elizabeth Kay for Chevrolet December Related Show/Host: Elizabeth Kay
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Happy Hanukkah! Let's Play Dreidel

Today is the first night of Hanukkah, and Elizabeth, Radar & Producer Dave play sopme classic Jewish games to celebrate. Producer Dave also teaches us about the menorah and the significance of this holiday.
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Happy Birthday Radar!

It's Radar's birthday!!!! And we celebrated with snacks and presents! Producer Dave made Radar his own personal "Radarcakes"
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You're Never Too Old For Dolls!

The New Kids On The Block came into studio today to have some fun with Elizabeth & Radar and Producer Dave. Who knew a conversation about weather could get so crazy!
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Interview With Bruno Mars!

Bruno Mars racked up 7 Grammy nominations this year, and Elizabeth & Radar caught up with him to talk about the nominations, and his favorite Christmas gifts as a kid. Here the interview below! Photo Cred: Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports
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Matt Lauer Fired!

BREAKING NEWS: Matt Lauer has been fired from NBC News after 20 years after being accused of innapropriate sexual behavior. Read about it here Photo: Winslow Townsend USA TODAY Sports
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Stuff The Bus with Chevy

Find a Chevy for your family!

This time of the year it's all about family and Chevy has a vehicle that is perfect for you and your family! Video of Elizabeth Kay November Chevrolet Related Show/Host: Elizabeth Kay
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Who has room for all these pumpkins?

Elizabeth Kay took the spacious Chevy Equinox to Swan's Pumpkin Farm in Franksville for apple cider doughnuts, pumpkins, fun and so much more! Video of Elizabeth Kay Chevrolet Oct 2017 Related Show/Host: Elizabeth Kay
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