Elizabeth Kay

Instant Pot

How to cook sweet potatoes in the Instant Pot

Sweet Potatoes made EASY! So I'm obsessed with my Instant Pot and I love sweet potatoes. After trying several BAD recipes, I finally found a great one on Pinterest for cooking sweet potatoes in the Instant Pot. They're perfect EVERY time! I usually cook 2-4 sweet potatoes and each time they've...
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One line a day

Do this FIRST in the morning

How do you start your morning? In late December I started writing down an intention that I wanted to work on for each day. It's a great way to remind me to slow down, be present and it's help me have more gratitude for each day. I started writing down my daily intention in an assignment notebook...
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Sweetest breakfast in Milwaukee

What do you usually order when you go out for brunch? Typically, I stick to omelettes or biscuits and gravy or eggs benedict. Well this past weekend I decided to "live a little" LOL and ordered the Berry Feast crepes at Sweet Diner in Milwaukee! OMG! This was the sweetest, tastiest breakfast I...
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Elizabeth Kay with Chevy

Chevy has a new vehicle

Check out Chevy's new ride!
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Elizabeth Kay at Kwik Trip

WARNING: This will get stuck in your head

OMG! Do you ever get a song stuck in your head? Last week my co-worker Riggs and I were given the opportunity to tour the Kwik Trip facility up in La Crosse, WI! We saw where the bread and buns are made, the bakery and the Dairy building where they make their own milk and milk jugs believe it or...
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Paper Source

My Favorite New Store!

Confession - I'm OBSESSED with sending cards! Valentine's Day cards, birthday cards, new baby cards, thinking of you cards. I LOVE sending and receiving cards. So you can imagine my excitement when Paper Source opened at The Corners of Brookfield * They have the funniest cards. They're witty,...
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Milwaukee in Winter

A Milwaukee Must in Winter

Are you tired of winter? Tired of being cooped up in the house? What should you do the next time you're bored? Head into downtown Milwaukee and visit some of the new restaurants and shops. There's so much development! We went to the area being developed by The Fiserv Forum, took this cool picture...
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Orange Chicken

The Tastiest Orange Chicken recipe!

Are you a fan of the Instant Pot? I am! Most of my meals during the week are made that way because it's so easy and FAST! I found this Orange Chicken recipe online and it's GOOD! I even used this opportunity to teach my stepson how to zest an orange. Also, I DID add the tomato sauce. Here's the...
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Hard boiled eggs

Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs

My Mom's friend Nancy has perfected cooking with the Instant Pot and for close family and friends she'll host Insant Pot Parties. She puts together some of her favorite recipes and different techniques she uses when cooking with the IP. Even Radar came to the party this past weekend. She brings the...
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Elizabeth Kay with Chevy

Tackle the ice and snow with a Chevy

You can take on "Old Man Winter" with a Chevy Trax - no problem!
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