Elizabeth Kay

Hard boiled eggs

Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs

My Mom's friend Nancy has perfected cooking with the Instant Pot and for close family and friends she'll host Insant Pot Parties. She puts together some of her favorite recipes and different techniques she uses when cooking with the IP. Even Radar came to the party this past weekend. She brings the...
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Elizabeth Kay with Chevy

Tackle the ice and snow with a Chevy

You can take on "Old Man Winter" with a Chevy Trax - no problem!
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Home remedy to remove ice

How to melt ice without salt

Are your sidewalks and driveways still really icy from the ice storm that hit last week? Our sidewalk is terrible. Last night I went to two gas stations and our local grocery store and they were all out of ice. So we went to the internet and found a home remedy to help remove ice WITHOUT salt. For...
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Buffalo Wing Dip

The Easiest and BEST Buffalo Wing Dip EVER!

OMG! This Buffalo Wing Dip is from one of my old radio buddies in Green Bay! It's so easy and sooooo good! Ingredients Cooked rotisserie chicken Franks Red Hot Ranch Dressing Spreadable Cream Cheese Shredded Cheddar Cheese Fritos Scoops __________________________________ Preheat oven to 350 degrees...
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Dog photo on cookie

Want to put your pet on a cookie?

OMG! Check this out! My girlfriend had her bachelorette party over the weekend and her sister in-law had these personalized cookies made. This is a photo of her dog on the cookie! It looks just like her dog! What a cute idea to personalize something for someone special! The baker is Julie's Artisan...
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Elizabeth Kay with Chevy

This will help you parallel park

Parallel parking CAN be easy with a Chevy Trax!
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Mila loves her balloon

The best toy for your pet!

What does your pet love to play with? We had a party at our house back in September and there were blown up balloons all over the floor. Our dog Mila quickly became entertained by the balloons and it soon became her favorite toy. Now we always have balloons in the house. This photo was just taken...
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Elizabeth Kay tea party

Want to Feel like a Royal? Try this!

Holy cow - what an experience! Want to feel like a member of the Royal Family? Why not have a tea party at the Pfister Hotel! That's what my three sisters and I enjoyed on Saturday. My sister Rachel set it up and we had such a great time. The tea butler gives you a presentation beforehand where you...
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Elizabeth Kay NYE cocktail

The Prettiest New Year’s Eve Cocktail!

From champagne, to wine, to beer – do you enjoy an adult beverage when you ring in 2019? I sure do! Of course I’ll drink champagne when the ball drops at midnight, but want to make your holiday drink even more festive? Just add a splash of maraschino cherry juice to your champagne or sparkling wine...
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Elizabeth Kay holidays

How to holiday “bake” on a budget!

Do you bake sweets for Christmas? I try to, but sometimes it can be expensive and take a lot of time. Or perhaps, you’re not very savy in the kitchen? This year we went simple and dipped pretzels in chocolate. It cost less than $20! Just melt the white or milk chocolate in the microwave and dip the...
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