Lookin' for a treat that'll WOW your co-workers? Check this Foodie Friday recipe

Want to be the hit of the office/job site/warehouse? When your co-workers try this treat, they won't complain when you take their parking spot! This was featured on Elizabeth and Radar's, "Foodie Friday"! related : The dessert was coined...
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A Sweet Dessert For Thanksgiving

Do you remember Market Day when you were a kid? I always loved getting the chocolate chip pudding cakes. So I tried to recreate them, but in butterscotch form. I researched a bunch of different recipes and came up with my own brilliant one! Here it is, maybe you'll make it for Turkey day? PREHEAT...
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How To make Homemade Popsicles!

Sometimes you crave that frozen treat, but you don't want ice cream. Right? Well that's what happened to me when I decided to make these Strawberries & Cream Popsicles. It's super easy, super quick, and super delicious. I even recorded my whole process, just start with the Strawberries and add...
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