When Should Christmas Decorations Come Down?

When Should Holiday Decorations Be Taken Down?

Over it! Bring those Holiday decorations down! When is the absolute latest that the decorations can stay up or is there even a deadline in your household?
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Christmas decorations

A Cheap way to decorate for Christmas

Want a quick, inexpensive way to decorate for the holidays? Then pick up a chalkboard and chalk! This is our family chalkboard that I picked up a few years ago and we use it for everything. It's so easy to get chalkboard ideas on Pinterest too. And it doesn't break the bank either! I'm not much of...
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Does outdoor decorating for the holidays include Thanksgiving?

Each year starting in October, you probably see yards decorated for Halloween. Once the spooky holiday is over, do you go right into putting up the Christmas decor? A great guy that lives in my neighborhood, decorates his yard with a TON of Halloween stuff. Inflatable ghosts, a cat and pumpkins...
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