I'm 22 Weeks Pregnant (Here's What I've Learned So Far)

Well, it's been an interesting 5 months. My first pregnancy and a LOT of change has already happened... with plenty more to come. Here are a few things I have learned so far during my pregnancy. Every momma's experience is completely different! No amount of googling or talking to other pregnant...
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Are You Ever Too Old To Do This?

It's the holiday season and the New Year, the perfect time to act like a kid.(Not that I don't always act like a kid) My girlfriend, Hannah, got me the coolest present ever for Hanukkah/Christmas, A Lego Pizza Set! She got it because I used to deliver pizzas and though I would have fun with it. Boy...
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Athlete of the Week

Do you have a student athlete in your family? We want to see them and give them the recognition they deserve! Submit a picture ofyour child to our "Athlete of the Week" and every Friday Elizabeth & Radar will announce a new Athlete!
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