Expert Shares How to Make the Perfect Cheeseburger for National Cheeseburger Day

Landon Amis of Rodeo Goat in Dallas knows a few things about burgers. His restaurant is considered one of the best burger joints in Dallas, and he says a good cheeseburger starts with a good piece of meat.
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Company Offering $500 to Winning Applicant Who Agrees to Test Cheeseburgers

A website is offering one lucky and hungry fan the opportunity to become a “professional cheeseburger tester” and go around tasting burgers to find the best in the country.
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Kopps Cheeseburger

The Wisconsin Buns That Make You Feel Some Sort Of Way

Everyone has been debating about these new buns at Kopps, are they good, are they bad? Well I'm here to tell you how I feel.
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burger and fries

A Milwaukee Burger Spot That Is A Hidden Gem!

If there's something everybody needs to know about Wisconsin, it's that we have some amazing diners with amazing burgers. Well I've discovered one that has been a staple in Milwaukee for years, and I had absolutely no clue about it.It's been around since 1934! It's called MAZOS HAMBURGERS and it's...
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It's a Wisconsin First - Wahlburger's Is Open!

The Wahlberg's will make your mouth water at The Corners of Brookfield. It's not the good looks that actor Marky Mark or his brother, Donnie are showing off. It's about their food! The famous family burger joint that Mark and Donnie, along with brother Paul is open now.....Wahlburgers! Back in...
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Is This Really the Top Sandwich in Wisconsin?

Being in Wisconsin, we're know as the "Dairy State" by some right? And if you don't like cheese, are you even a true Wisconsinite? Most likely, no. But would you call a cheese sandwich the #1 sandwich in the state? The website FAR AND WIDE has come up with what they think is the best sandwich from...
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