Elizabeth & Radar Aftercast

Elizabeth & Radar Aftercast

The fun doesn’t stop at 9 o’clock! Elizabeth, Radar & Producer Dave hang
out after the show for unfiltered debates and conversations about life, pop
culture and whatever else comes to mind. You're invited to eavesdrop and be
part of the fun!

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Society & Culture


Elizabeth & Radar Aftercast

We Love Dad!

Elizabeth, Radar and Dave talk about the good ole days when there was only one landline in the house and people would sit on the other end just listening. And...
Elizabeth & Radar Aftercast

Go Watch Chernobyl!

Elizabeth & Dave talk about the New HBO Series "Chernobyl" and how they feel about it. Spoiler alert, they like it!
Elizabeth & Radar Aftercast

Graduation Parties and Urinal Gum

Elizabeth, Radar and Dave talk about the graduation parties Elizabeth & Radar are having this weekend, and then they get a surprise call about a topic they...