You're Marrying Me AND My Fans!

Wednesday, June 13th

Elizabeth & Radar and Producer Dave talk about what Ariana Grande said to Pete Davidson about their engagement. 

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Our Friday Andy Davidson personnel engaged. Normandy about a month. Now the latest coming appear happiness it's Elizabeth the radar 99 point one makes a line from the Kessler's diamond center studios at 8:11 good morning thanks for having us on well her huge engagement ring. Valued at about 100000 dollars. Davidson an act and a money. But also try to Ronde has told and you're not Mary mean. Well not just to me you're also marrying my fans. So all those are crowd hollered at him of just in now all the fans are pretty intensive training at a Mac fans you and I can't remember that I have a job and a career that you know. Cells right usually what people ordinary place beat David it's you know look out my dad will get you my Brothers this is. My fan base is you must as a lot more than just let him keep rather responded and it was yeah. I am your fan you are there any one of your fan. I call home and Allen is a big game because I don't know these two I've been. Not even gonna make it to the why I don't. So yeah. Say it labeled wanna celebrities or celebrities play by different rules when it comes to relationships and celebrities are self centered about themselves this is a hot. Infatuated. Fun little romance are having right now it's almost out and say oh my gosh we're gonna get married and get married man they veterinarian. That Jennifer you might differ a wild man he there was this guy John that's an ally he would still be eating lit leverage cat and image data nearly David Kyd. Tuesday and he's still wearing. Arianna grinding bunny ears in the one of the sketches and Tea Party he apparently had a tattoo for the ex girlfriend tells you all helix tattoos. I'm gonna put some money down on this which marriage is gonna last longer this one or the royal wedding to Prince Harry this one's lasted longer. This thing up I gotta yeah there's yeah.