Is That Your Daughter, or Wife?

Friday, January 12th

Elizabeth & Radar and Producer Dave play a game guessing if celebs are dating way younger! 


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There are some stories in Hollywood right now about some guys and the women that their dignity and that the women that they're dating Ian. Are even younger in some cases that their own children. Not especially because music producer David Foster who's dating Katharine McPhee actress. You can deal with on American Idol that as a date yet they are not going to be getting married right now from. Here's the catch of the two of them. She's 33. David foster's daughter is 35. Bowl and that act crazy that is not so let's play everyone's favorite game. It's now time for everybody's favorite game there's this celebrity dating somebody does say may just is Giles. Aligning your car. At work for his favorite. Lenny Kravitz is Lenny Kravitz. Dating someone that's close in age to their child and the missing Senna. From Hunger Games no Lenny Kravitz. I'll say yes. Just to give you an inner produced is correct. Harness thirties daughter is 291 Howell next Mick Jagger. Mel's Jaeger is he dating someone that's close in age to his child this is a softball I'm gonna say. Yes. On CS's while doing the ticket again I'd be dating someone yeah. It is thirty. Mick Jagger daughter is 46. Eighty jagr. Old enough to pass this 760 floor. Right let's see here we got. Jerry Seinfeld Jerry's Steinfeld is his wife. The same age as one of his chips. To sign down. You know what I'm gonna say aid promising no jealousy. No I think Jason Jones did in his age. We all are correct time. Hey he's a camera yet two more year Kelsey Grammer. Frasier Kelsey Grammer you dating someone who's close in age. Jesse daughter I'm gonna say he has ominously no. Yes he and you and today and I didn't want to make it interesting personalities about the tiebreaker who's gonna win it cost Kelsey Grammer is wife is 35. And his daughter is 34 I the kids' perspective. Like you look over to your dad's governance thinking remember in 2000 you know we graduate from school and that's and what's on the that your problem because OK final one crank. Dick Van Dyke. Is Dick Van Dyke dating someone that is close to age. Percival is alive I was gonna sabres got him a different game that we play dead or alive. Dick Van Dyke is 92 years all OK well then yes he's he has Imus say yes well I have to say no. Someone's got away and producer Dave the correct answer is yes. Hat. Dick van dike to wipe his 46. You're gonna get kind of a stretch the sun is 66. This next time for another round of is this celebrity dating somebody was saying may just this shot killed.