You Never Want To Find This In Your Toilet!!!

Thursday, May 18th

Elizabeth Kay and Producer Dave go through another round of "Real or Fake Headlines"

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It's time for real they can't lives so what I headlines today I had so first Thailand Korea. Oh women lifted her toilet seat to find an iguana living in it. Real or fake he's always make me cranes. Iguanas snakes to giant spiders. Imus say this is a real home. Had Israel really you won't know and I guess we're at and don't say Wisconsin not an analyst dozen Florida. So all aluminum Florida went to the bathroom to go to the bathroom and she opener to a and they are just an iguana I just hang out live and in their toilet. So she called the police and had come over. And they want to make sure that it wasn't actually a snake in her toilet as well because that's actually get my concern that snakes are crawling up. You know the sewage into the toys sold the police came on to check that wasn't snake. And because they say they've never seen a one arm around I don't know if Howard. Open a -- that C I mean men you know you don't sit down and lets you on number twos so they already for that yeah right you know hopefully over its way and you see everything that's that went in the you know you open and you just go sit down right away not even notice this so good thank you look at in the toilet ready Atmel and iguana all taken a while overseeing if I had to panic. It also would want to let you recollect they're but they're clause could touch you in like snakes and you know if I don't I. The whole thing reptiles and toilets and not be there right I agree I sure ninja turtle. I would say I don't like next headline in last headline. A large alcohol spill closes the roadway. Real or fake. I think this stuff happens a lot so I'm gonna serial. This is fake pisses me. Thought siblings and they couldn't dwell on large milk spill actually closed. A roadway so those that truck those delivering groceries to grocery store. And the side door of its truck part of it. Opened by accident and dropped a bunch of gallons of milk out of the truck that spilled all over the road. And there are a 160. Gallons it was actually saw 160 gallons of milk all over the road like white shiny is really slippery that it closed the road. I think that stunt after awhile because when the milk goes sour at Allen and and sour milk you get rid that's not for awhile cardinal were driving over for a little Buddy Holly Koran it's like it's got to be I don't know but the guy did not get ticketed for this bill. And they just had it coming clean it up before they could reopen the road so makes him on grass and chocolate chip cookies threatens dozens of them in there that's really if they can't let Gloria it's the Max.