You Know That's Permanent, Right? - Part 2

Friday, January 12th

Elizabeth & Radar talk with callers about tattoo regrets.


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Give a regrettable tattoo new media got it when you're younger and I think it. I get this thing my son no is going to dating it is first dad to take him but a watch him hopefully put up with pain in the as the needling and stuff and I mean it's a cool attitude any kind of creator helps Dick created it's it's three crosses and he must be religious about his tattoo but. I'm Dick and I hope we don't regret it you know later on down the road and. Seniors all the rights and 48 years old lies hello friends is a different perhaps religion he feels like something's gonna always happy always I would hope so. So that's why he may be as lean towards that but yet you Margaret to do especially a lot of money to get it removed and a especially because permanent so we orders of phones to find out if. And if you had a regrettable tattoo 4147991099. And Christie what you got. Yes they do you know what is it eight so cold that doll that. Yet the part that I regret about it it's not my app and I guess it when I have great it is churned in Q&A way L. Got struck down a little bit yeah I had a little bit. Like we really haven't healed well and yeah I predict how public how you're feeling at the time to cool my dad played a whale off. All I lawyer what do you law. Nothing gets all settled back up now and it. Stuck there and it doesn't equate either fish. You can. Go in had a touchstone for something like that. Got the lead when they turn eight Hedo went off to college first weeks. Other college where it got a gun to. Now what did you think adults and at the time because Richard Gordon gee you're eighteen year old brain are you obsessed with down what was that. Nam my roommate Amy's scare after it was a perfect it'd never clarity and I want it to mark they are all I had met and the law just over the border in Illinois and no it the growth checked up and she wanted something big chief audit. Army I didn't want to. You bait called investing I am I thought it would feel it and now it's not often especially at. All. Paula Lee add all of that easy tax you regret no one's gonna to be that whole broader. Wolf thank you for sharing your story but you don't got a baby right so you got it up healthy baby. He's nine now yeah it's. It's ugly and it eight. The hope that at least it's not like I'm your arm or your lady people are gonna see it every day. That's absolutely zero so that's that's good saving grace. Are on my back defense. Yeah thank you for calling and I'm sorry Iran have a good laugh at your bad tattoo but we appreciate you sharing. Absolutely have a great YouTube still I Julie you get a aunt Nancy that you regret. Well luckily I feel it but I went there there have excellent idea poke at. In middle finger out of her psyche. Oh well what's wrong with dad no one's gonna see dad to. And never read that I like it because they're rights holder he wouldn't let. Thought he'd edit her French paper the entire thing. Now don't you dare Julius sister she will do it you know. And look or she get a better have you seen it your. It's 862. I see how it looks good yes. I don't know why you got it. Tissues can you see it if she wears a swimsuit bottoms. Basically did you break that really keep up like a big T key cart and IID in front of her underwear that's at least delegate side if he didn't. You know I feel like you client Giuliani has done the opposite I can just see certain people their card saying you know one that is not a and I.