You Don't Want To See Elizabeth When She's HANGRY!!!!

Monday, June 19th

Elizabeth Kay and Producer Dave talk about Hangry Elizabeth.


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Lesson Elizabeth with producer Dave and yeah maybe something happened here. Off the Mike. I'm the studio are snapped a little bit I'm likes it in the fetal position right now if you're afraid you're gonna just come over and you know. I don't even know you had dated for this day you know what the root of the issue is here yeah I know what it is given either saving it today. What ever cool l.'s contained very. Kangaroo your hungry and you get angered the same diet and normally by this time I've I've eaten something and what gets us wait till. He totally gets us away when he's here that if we don't eat something we did. And I do it again. Won't really to high I don't know and I its name up I know it's not a good thing and it and I'm Sar is because together on these crazy diets China's state fake you know me I eat whatever I want I never again and yet just go I mean I think today either Elisabeth bean a Simi yon you. We are approaching shortage are now that's what. My advice going in approaching shopping needs some protein that's what it is that I've I've never actually understood like the whole injury thing like. I haven't had a personal where if I don't eat. And I'm due in some day and I kind of just like Bob my mind tell myself like you guy does get through this in many can go eat all you want when you're done but give do the work and do it like what let me ask you this what happens when you get tired some people will get crabby when they're tired do you get crabby and. Mean I don't I don't think I get very kind of maybe a little bit but like Malick mean crap if I get dislike him over totally candid dazed out there you know a ground out like actively listening because I'm tired. Will be angry. I recognize. Is a problem but beyond that I have relatives that. Mean GMs about being angry because that's what happens to me and I'm I've completely someone that deals with that and I alone. The TV shows survivor if I'm still a huge fan of the shell and I thought about going on it for many many years but the only reason my won't. Is because you don't eat on survivor and the world will see a guided me. That my husband and our producer Dave are lucky enough to witness. If you could give a lot of survivors that instantly wanna put your flavor of us do you just see what Elizabeth did yesterday's shooting coconuts and she started flipping and how high the person. That would probably up like lost my job back here at home in the show's done Google's like you did you did and said things about the content. Doesn't support the and we we we don't we don't agree with so you're gonna lose your job I can't be held liable for anything ask that allows an angry state. Thank you and that as a teacher I need to Wear already signaled an animated battle and it.