Would You Wait In Line?

Wednesday, May 16th

Elizabeth & Radar talk with Sparky of 105.7 The Fan, who is waiting in line for the opening of IKEA


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The 531 by far. Oak Creek is now a shopping destination and what I Kia opening today it's Elizabeth and radar 99 when when the knicks live from the Kessler's diamonds and studios and there's a guy we work with here. Sparky the host the big shell from our sister station wanna fives and 7UP on the fan. Who got up at 415. I think he got up before then sit mean a body to go to like key to get there really really early he's on the phone now live sparking what. So early convert your card or where I've been out here already why are you wheat and friends family element. Direct yep and I remember that your wife Judy back reserve of five I you're your pocket or are you went. A card up but what the IQ first in line you there's really I definitely not now we got here. And about quarter or this morning. They want what are you are caught five though. But a lot up what I had a creek opera direct or order a lot of cars that's what they've seen I would say we are out there are forty feet yeah all alert neck area one part of it in the neighborhood and factory and by 5 o'clock I'm out there probably is of course can't again there's probably already couple undercard at least. Our people and why they're probably aren't area every. We're all people maybe in front of us standing in line white spun out where you stayed there. All morning starting the clock. It really the party going on at IKEA in Oak Creek now sparking give me your best like thirty seconds. Elevator pitch I've never been to IKEA like what what is the big deal YE. It's different here typically are our constituents want this to walk model court on what apple are short cut it out act like what a great actor who are so. Albert I'm not and I yeah two hours. Half two hours I get to spend much time there today no I'm not or not I'm I'm. Ron did not back I'll come on Mandy you spent all their time in mind when you get to Afghanistan's and I still like a cool drying rack carried table or something you just have to have. I very bottom I call it what would have to cool about it. Orient you got it's pretty neat well here here's the cafeteria. At that drop eight bought and Lilja out Syria. Alba are I look a bit of an apple byters that you could I and I realize that alcohol. You hear it now and crop. A year and a Sparky I think of what's really going out is that your fiance has which you on the lack don't use it you give that gift card Sparky that you are dying you come home right after an outright you know we are currently. Right out of here were not all okay all right soul live from I key. Yet you're you've convinced me the apple cider and a Swedish meatballs I'll be honest that that's in the build big thing in the chocolate cake and not try some of them as the big draw thanks marquis de spark ga you take it easy man and good luck with the gift card data.