Would You Visit This Island?

Friday, January 12th

Elizabeth & Radar and Producer Dave discuss the prospect of Lindsay Lohan buying her own island. 


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So how do you out trump trump. In your Lindsay Lohan who set Alan Wendy Williams and does not have a British accent anymore linked. Well he's unlocked a British citizen I have been there she says she's out trump being trump. Because she's buying an island off of Dubai is going to be called Lohan island. That's what she's doing. It'll claw out of that area like out in Greece which I didn't realize that sounds like a sitcom or some kind of TV shows Lohan I let down the necks low and island which you wanna vacation allowing an island eighty sevens and jail. Only if her twins from the parent trap to that are best for she keeps her or twist in the. Or did it it's just doesn't have a tweet and that would help to a national right and what I was completely bombed when the original parent trap movie was out the two blond girls remember the original yes I do radar yet. I was still bombs what I realized they were actually twins diet. No idea another big disappointment from my childhood maybe some of you can relate to this. I realize that the chip monks were just voices fast forward. Elizabeth this is going eleven under a rock please you know what doesn't happen a third and those were two big things I can remember when I was little. Being such big fans of and then getting to be about eleven years old and realize in. That's all the fraud itself. I was really upset when I learned that Barney wasn't a real dinosaur and it was just a person in purple suit. They seriously come on everybody you know now are extinct party I know I don't know it chip monks were bad and I. Dinosaur he is he's a singing dinosaurs through today's front of my TV like three into the latest. I live you fundamentalism dynamic or watch anymore. Man that you do you just put in about when your kid I was disappointed that. That. I don't know that you know what I was like Sesame Street. Okay does disappointed once I found out that Kermit the frogs arms were like real quick he could tell when she got older than him the wires words and to our morning. I liked Kermit the Frog use my favorite Muppets. My guy you know you're an Atlanta real arms but it's. That's when Barbara. It just gives you perspective bill what little kids are really thinking yeah they really think this stuff is happening it means for today's thought Barney was real up until yesterday. And yeah eight.