Words & Willies With a Side of BBQ

Wednesday, February 14th

Dave and Hannah are back with an exciting new episode. What's more interesting than all of the gold medals in South Korea? What new words made it into the dictionary? And what Wisconsin Sacred food may be as addicting as hard drugs? All that plus a beer tasting and recipe in this episode. 


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Warning there maybe some swear words. Julie hello and welcome to aid another episode dish with Dave I am your host Dave an equipment and diet my cohost and permit it bit this year. Hannah and I gave patty Valentine's Day. This project is being recorded. February 14. Does of date and we'll make a pretty good dinner and back on now make yourself. Talk about that today. Talking about them or talk about some fun interest dean. Discovered. Like what's going on in South Korea right now the Olympics atlas really the most. Fascinating thing there. Talk about. Some words some words it added in to the Oxford dictionary. Like your perspective on movies. And also. There's the food. With it's love ain't you that's actually more addictive than hard drugs. I'll that it'd be your taste and yet again hope with a little bit better than and a EPA and I PA whenever he hit it is that last and it may be on hand. The recipe at the end bird. Barbecued. Machines Antony and this is that ditch with Dave and I just start off right away. Talking about it on on South Korea. So then if I had asked you what you thought was the most fascinating thing about the Olympics thus far. Or assailants. Asked about the Olympics and now it's like American and breaking. Earth's. You'd think right thing maybe it. While he Kim that's seventeen year olds know order. Winning goal Shaun light when his third goal. Now it's not that ray ray Girard. Seventeen year old snowboarders. All or snowboarding categories taking goal. USA and are only four times and that's but. It's only four golds apartment a sentimental and Norway are we needed better pick it up and I USA pick it up. So that's. The place. South Korea. That is. Eighteen this part ought to say that I might be a little bit and adult conversation you guys. Or is it said and then there's a penis part in South Korea like a park full. Stats use what is plastic metal unit pizzas. And it's and I guess like the pilot. The Olympics people having the other athletes have been on their workers have been going their and that's the island at the Olympics I gotta go man I mean it's it's only an hour away. From John in. I guess this is the story and this is the legend of the park and it legend of the of the alleged that he as part of South Korea. Supposedly a fisherman's wife with left. In this area and drowned. She died of virgin which then meant that no fish could be caught by villagers. I hole and I'd tell. The fishermen. Huge hit into the water which brought the case back. That's easy enough yeah that's who couldn't yet. Direct from this metro articles UK article. And yet these pictures and articles are fascinating and now it's like it's actually trying to penis is or is it just like art. Any team that is an issue or white guys. Leaders. Around it's it's fascinating and I mean. I understand lasts a fascinated I was there at the Olympics watching out for sure how severe would ever see. Like it's the real I mean it look real but they're clearly not real big deal. Rio. And be afloat in print it out it would would you. Would you be upset if with a penis farm showed up in America. No would you be that of a vagina. Displaying art museum. Things shut up no completion or half minutes. One engineer is just fascinated and it's like a guy. At a base ahead. Mile wide open it is just coming out now from coming out yeah. Interest and yet so it doesn't look like his penis. Just fascinated me aren't Java that. Don't talk real way to be open and and the president and just exceed human and that and what they have what it there'd be afraid of this. Argue that reliant kids there are. Bringing the world together. Mean half the world has a penis is like having a. 102. Doubles. If you have an tribal partners and it makes cents. Still. Of the adult adult conversation there. And I can't imagine any more adult conversation and we are to adults nothing explicit yes. Oh well there has been some words at two the dictionary recently. One of those being. Angry. Which to me is just dispute is now like it's that talking about you can relate to that I'd. Obesity and public people who. Was. That they can't finish anything because they need food and it says that the the big thing with Dave you Blogosphere and just worked it. Equally at DeWitt bill I'm angry. To say that elect then I guess I understand I don't necessarily agree. How about instead of paying treat you could be your salon city. You're grouchy because you're sleepy. Honestly I mean sure but that's a rather bluntly you what the dictionary definition that is the definition of hang. Out. They stated anger caused by the food may evoke negative change emotional state translation. Beat me or I'll kill you. That's intense. That's it had sent to the area that way more thing diabolical thought of agree with being in the fine the port Saturday. Explaining he had. Your favorite I didn't use Tyler often. And it's the thing that I handling things. That's about it try to explain things there you know that there. I could you know there on. You know and I'm gonna kinda. You can't joke about cleaning it's real and what is in the dictionary well it. They don't do well it's it's a big issue you know when it like you already know it you clearly knowing you're doing and then did comes in his hand near lake. I don't know re explain to think you already know. I'll tell you this it's very applicable to this definition stuff on it I may have done to you and a game. Please tell me. Man's plane is defined as explaining something quotations. In this over banned the art condescension. ESP period that especially in. That a special. What are especially edit your aunt Margaret. Pregnancies typically when addressing Nolan and it manner but through the other patronizing or chauvinistic attitude close quote. Better I'd never came and. Anderson that extreme and the and it plain stupid where you do discounted. Needless to explain things I don't but it's just because. You can not argue. Sought other work the court in the eight. At that. All that's what's old us. Well. I. Think that's what means it doesn't. Mean self centered selfish. So. What. I EB filthy. Filthy. Could not sell it all critical. It drew few words that are at a regular valuable time was also added but that's two words and what is it that I'd been. Just two words mean time I devoted to doing what one ones. You can add anywhere to the dictionary will be. Well you decide slouching. Sleeping grouchy. Little oh. Yeah it cuts out. A. All our I have this one. It's it's an app diction. It's when you're addicted to nap. Men each sat Ekene crash so I didn't. Yeah the dictionary I can't however and jagr and such gently and if you're a well I've got a got a lot of people and political radar. On the morning show. As a gentleman now again they audit. Shadows at the radar. And powered. Words this that brought forward and I 11100 words added but we don't those 11100 words. 11100 new words I'm well well some toll now more than it afterwards but just yeah. A total total 11100 yards including. Though tonight's. I don't know if you're gonna like this and like this. She eats. Our favorite foods disease from here. Is more addictive. TV as addictive. But probably more realistically depending on in person as. Hard drugs. Yes. Give Michigan found. She had a chemical and that is bound and addictive drugs. And it's it's ridiculous to think about but I guess. They get this thing it's found in Darius called case and I think spelled case and literally yeah SE I and yeah. And it's out of their products and it can trick your brains OP actress oatmeal it centers. And I guess in Cheney's. In salads it's more. You know more concentrated to get better I went to the salad that you do in liquid dairy which. So I'm hard cheese at Disney's. Mean like you get really I. So I can't have a ice cream I can always go for and scream we walked through piles of snow to get ice came the other night. Explained some lights but but. So that's like a mix between solid and liquid form humans so. I mean it after we let you check that we may well I had to leave the literally go in Iraq cheeses can cheeses as really did you do. The other day and one you know. He'd. It's. An enemy and it makes the makes sense because I honestly could eat cheese. All they can just cheese sticks and I and now he's. Your instincts. United's Paul. I don't think that it's thick streams. And because both the birth of their bursts of what it is him to. And some may. And isn't the thing about she's like. All the time. Even look at horrible stomach ache the next day when I eat too much. It's all in my go to they blame it on the eighties I have a horrible stomach aching feeling you know in the pot for a little bit. Don't come out magnets of Jesus. Black hawk and ideally that's exactly what it like a drug addict would say. Now it's going to be my last and which annexing and now you've done it like. You don't even attract Errol that add extra days. Who cares about the drugs Ireland. And I knew it can't do that she's moments and high school. Cheese he still doesn't answer. A. Geez I think it's good bet. Is to get a porch it's a good day. Mine's on and that makes me it's like what you think like Coca-Cola you know like Utley they person article let me. She's natural. It's very true and what she's normally paired with. My question grant. Or. I'll ask. What we're doing why does though when you and I are planning structure of this and while I'd guess that age that. Well I talked about being here is the beer taste that today. Want to tell us what. We're isn't. That the air each day each. Together what we call it together now. All we hope that together yes we did JK. That hair. Mary's they care for. Apple's. Hard. That's an awful it's and again. I think it has been. In I think he can't operate I'd certainly yes narrative beard decider probably candles ladders pretty it's gonna be hopefully who is sound legal and you opened it this. Apple. And apple juice and I love apple site owners like him I would make him out there are there's. There's like two ingredients in the beard it's apple and here. And he. Let's play. Drink out of these are classes theory yeah. To. Write. A staggering punished I can't years. That's the other days. On London. I love it packaging all they. Did its bit you know I like app yet. It's like values like farmhouse apple advertised in the first ever wet line. I was like man it's just is that apple Jews. And now I gave them in more that takes even more like apple use. To get into Oklahoma had a episode about it it's like. This can be dangerous this. Apple be like a kid apple. Mean drink it is like passover Ehrlich and at the high holidays go to did you notice creamy it's heart. Yes that is like completely clean almost as late late great news. Right. Like a stronger smell it for the kids. The kids that you know the content of the holiday generally great use this acting wouldn't it may act it's like we're Asia. It's. This is delicious and great players at such a better Audi in the last man. Less than it is literally on its. And I sneezes and yes regular is go to to dig in. We love it. That man I think I think after the two of the together. When we do things together we can better oh well I'd just like a bottle. And I was like it's. So. That. Comes out for this once. Congratulations. Definitely set on this I kept thinking the rest of this cast. Which is not enough life to leave it at the end of dish with dated today. We're going to be on you. Barbecue sauce recipe because we didn't make the Ariza lesbianism. Argues for the pulled pork image is suitable. Which was delicious. And easily literally five days earlier subject unit for some reason. But it's often and I wanna share with you he was your view on liquid smoke. Really cute about it never used it is apartment as a means. Yes I just wanted to like art a national thing my fears. Well we've. Eaten it and it doesn't. So. Yet again it is not yet to rest and yes. Anxious I Justine now it's on cable. And and understandable so others buried. These. Titled the think you don't events in radio and got caught in the act let. He got me. So I am base based recipe for a barbecue sauce is its catch up Ben Eager some mustard brown sugar. Some seasoning out cook it could be down. Think about savory than about salty about accident and then try to bounce apparently. Brown sugar and honey and maybe you're in the league and Ericsson has something to Utley doubled acid up and. You know so are. Are barbecue sauce it's kind of like what are we had her fridge and things like. Armored we like we're really into like citrus flavors as well yes orgies and our side yes outside the basin areas. Or use. Again we really measure things is it looked over at them as human it's not like reduce. Oh and you know basically check in. Order Houston that are. And cola. Coca-Cola but we put. Root beer yeah or hacker group beer Sprecher repeater shot I'll walk you advance is the best. Good but we put cream soda and the second and have a beer with the cream soda and it is just as delicious deadly that it. Put garlic in there puts fresh prefer like grated garlic and a but garlic powder that's not bad either you know. I am maybe for a little bit spice slash essar where Jesus costs a little bit slow saw yeah. Really gonna say so it's that's kind of it's not gonna make an Asian science this is gonna give it that little. Nineteen. Now and I'm getting a little in the dictionary it got me. Six cent. Tax. Ruthless. Haley illegal I met. A guy. Anyway. It's. That Barry that the very much all that mix together and cook it down and he put on the what does it boiling. This matter and that it is letting go of thick and that goes they'll pick it actually take it off the cool. And it'll last a long time. And as you are away. Was golfers if you want to knowledge knowledge here but it delicious and it's worth making yourself yeah. Like I mean. Barbecue sauce can sometimes be easily it is funny how it starts with ketchup but even like ketchup bottle there aren't Lisa stark. There. Is. Which is what do you ingredients of the Lake County. And product that you can make a lot of it. You can't have learned that Hannah really educated yen. At all is at the dollars that we're sort of a drug used obligation to act as an island because if you compare you know like brand means and then links to our brands. There at the same not all that matters right. You're really just for the pro. Some anti outweighs the taste. It's hours in the they've always end up late Bob urged. Him. What are they don't get done days dish so they so paper clip Edgar we got some good. Hubris on at articles a day you got voted yet here about a lot of it pioneered so. I'm super Monday's. But it can and having not eaten alive she's a couple days side. The episode we got here we may they. Think should hang out and we'll talk to an extent the. You we got an episode I hope you enjoy it if you did enjoy it you could go subscribe. To dish with David's really go to your podcast app. Search dish with gave. Click on my beautiful face push subscribe and leave me a lot bill and I would really like the valuable in place they currently sit next time.