Wonder Woman of The Year?

Tuesday, November 14th

Elizabeth & Radar talk about GQ's "People of the Year"


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99 point one the next live from the Kessler's diamond sinister ideas with Elizabeth and radar to support and GQ magazine has announced they're people of the year. And is that a controversy surrounding it arts or into the controversy just a second but congrats to wonder I'm an actress jail. It out. She is one of the winners of the GQ. People of the year on the title wonder Woman of the Year but it's not perfect but Kevin Durant for the Golden State Warriors. And via MVP of the finals last year he got champion of the year late show host even Comair. It takes you know Tron and the politicians and things like them nightly basis he receive the best all race of the year and it controversy surrounding it. Colin can't predict who earned the title of citizen of the year now cabinet has been pretty controversial and vocal leader he's the original NFL player that. Side of the success that person and a new National Anthem the first one. To deal. And there is some people being very vocal about it like Brittany cannery that used to work for ESPN. She was going announcing her stand JJ watt raised 37 million dollars for an army victims if you that it and the military. And she's seen the Colin cabernet is going to be a citizen of the year. People are saying he stirred up a lot of controversy but there's a lot of people talking and that. He's doing some work you know is activist and work off the field. He's playing right now some of these things is currently off the field. So I see both sides of it people you know don't they don't like when someone stirs things up a little too much you know they're upset about how we did it. Oh is that right Iraq I don't know it's still being figured out right yeah I guess after the conversation still going still at the end that I can't take that and I believe it solved now. No and every time an owner opens his mouth and says something against the players and all the sudden this all comes right back you know because now I don't think you really see that. And Lou the footage of anybody kneeling the last couple weeks three weeks or whatever I don't know if they're not showing meant that maybe that does not sound OK but see I thought about it. And we will watch Sheen it was the World Series the World Series is on and the national amber was on the television. I was it now accounts of my phone my husband was laid out accounts. Currently with the dogs and I don't wire. Should we be standing in our living we are not there you're not care what that nationally as planes so every time the National Anthem plays even if it's on TV put. If your honesty honor and York I have to odd. And you're in the stadium the National Anthem plays out of respect you're supposed to take your hat off and. Richard Neer cards there I will say this when I announce my kids' games like this the softball inverse is up on games that he a high school. Who we play the National Anthem even if boys are practicing or there's an adult softball game going on everybody stops. It turns round and yet days is the flag so they're not in the stadium but there near the stadium against it here at. The National Anthem it made me Yasser my actions but you're right in in the house I don't know. Sell it to me think about it and then there was that tweet that Aaron Rodgers has put out of that picture of though the camera men and women that work for the television agreements that aired the football games there kneeling filming them trying to get the shot. Because China should ask journalists it's all it's all really Massey but yeah definitely cabinet citizen of the year. He in his own cover and cover story in the December issue of GQ magazine and that to tap news.