Wisconsin Has A World Record!

Friday, May 25th

Elizabeth & Producer Dave talk about an interesting world record that Wisconsin is a part of. 

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It's Elizabeth and radar was off today producer Dave in studio. Did you hear about the toilet paper pyramid that was made in Wisconsin looked at toilet paper pyramid yeah right up in grand chute which isn't far from like the Appleton area so mired just opened up there and Kimberly-Clark is the paper company that's an area so they got together Wednesday and yesterday. To build. A bath tissue Peerman. And it set the new record to be in the Guinness book of world record that must have been saying this bolt and the build and want DD scoop poop. I everything that's good pit crews may be used to know how many hours do you think. It took them to build this time paper pyramid out in the fox cities fourteen feet. And three point how many dollars I'm gonna say 28. Dollars more than a day. Now it actually took ten hours while fourteen volunteers. Will sell nothing can take that long to be a fourteen yeah and items right. It took them 25585. Rolls of toilet paper and wounded 25600. Man. It's yeah and that was outnumbered. You know rat you know we're talking about guys and I had very. Nonsensical feeder news of previous record for stacking toilet paper was thirteen feet five inches and that was set in Brazil in 2012 without his grand chute Wisconsin and we hold director for the toilet paper Peerman the fact that there was a previous record for this already blows my mind that. And this is some of the people do to get anything goes against the world record rate weeding and Guinness book of world records we need to build something like that because they may seem pretty easy and look at the exposure that they did he mean this is like. You know getting national attention now let's build the tallest tower of shoes. Everybody talked working on issues he's working the head.