Will You Accept My Avocado?

Tuesday, February 20th

Radar and Producer Dave talk to callers about creative proposals. 


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To nine point one the next it's Elizabeth and radar and yeah. Apparently the newest thing out and both as a social media disease. A kind of proposals the heart cut out out out without a Clinton can't take up the pitch he put the ring in there. And then propose with a ring in the avocado proposed to and also get a healthy meal out of it wasn't able to do and quiet and private and stuff like that just toppled in the boxer they'll you know didn't trying to. Will you marry me up on the Jumbotron or Armenia billboard on on the freeware so that was seems like the avocado is got it. The the foods the biggest one that I mean of the most incredible one and another interest is very creative so we're wondering. If you have been on that side of the proposal most Korean proposal stories you've been a part of or heard of 4147991099. Out what you snapped up. I think that I have great run out and they went eight apple expert at her. Yeah I think I hurt it that great yet it's art and put that I ever in a degree and spray it yet apparent apparent I had that would impairing its heat. He had the whole town checking her out. Eric look in mile and I'm doing I was I proposals the clock. And apparently had an epic. Circuit and it. I've but there gotten. Well really all this way or address the youth. I hope that there it's cool that it wasn't an avocado but that is. And read our. Aren't they cemented these are the golf. Here but I still really ride him and you have a insisting proposal you've heard of urban part of. They got back home in Arizona one of my front they're at the guys because they're the late in the day they're one of the where I was drawing it out together right right gap. Well the one that would get day and it always view. Bird beyond today and right afterward. When that apple hone the art teacher proposed you hurt so. They would like it doubled although it accurate view about. Nobody knew about us and nobody wanted to get one not so they turnaround yeah editor did a very late evening quickening break. That is truly right it makes the ball. Yeah but Tia came on final call on an interesting proposals who's this. Or tearing out what kind of proposal where you are part of or did you hear about. I'm a part of my husband he can when he proposed. OK woody deals. You know I'm told me that he hit a string or summer camping at the whenever we were walking around spring it where it is big giant. Camp and backpack though that I wouldn't be good this year when he wanted to propose. You now what I'm actually went for walks into my head back. Or. Per arching up I'm. And I hate all of that out for both me. Ball through the long time. Did you know was common. We here are knotted but I wouldn't. As we're walking out of the ready to wait a. Your eyes I thought they're doing right now little did she know I'm ready.