Why do nice men date mean women?

Thursday, March 23rd

ADULT CONTENT: Ever wonder why nice men date mean women? Or why do men fall asleep after messing around? Host Elizabeth Kay and her guest Bjorn will explain what's really going on in a man's brain in this week's podcast!


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Hey everybody it's Elizabeth K your host a fifty shades of K and in today's podcast it's what men are really think Kean the gay edition and I have my friend Bjorn here and on our show all with the west Elizabeth during the week we do was segment called one man are really paying keen MI co hosts west McCain. He gives his perspective on all different situations that men. I would say put us women through so to speak but he gives it from they vary vary straight man perspective so I felt why not bring in my friend Bjorn. Gave feel hard. Meticulously gay perspective to some of the comedic comparing to what was McCain has said because that little bit different perspective is and there are I think so. And there are naturally these stereotypes that women want you know the gay best friend does that. Does that annoy you or do you feel like it's a little too stereo typed it. Yes announced so obviously like I have great girlfriends and there is a little bit of truce in the stereotype. On the trouble is like if you only weakness or having you don't let it get a little bit deeper and you just think that your game has found it's only there to shop and tell you how to dress yourself. Then that's a little bit troublesome you know obviously like William beings for a little bit deeper than just you know the shallow vapid stuff too. You're exactly right and even for straight people all people we all have different layers to eyes and that's kind of what this podcast. Is about why it's called fifty shades of cages the different layers that we all have as people when it comes through over passion about what we. Care about we worry about are all very similar in some ways but we all have different layers to a steel toed. So for what men are really thinking I went back to some of the past emails. And face the messages that we have received here at the mix. The most responses and comments that we received. Restored the question all the why do Amanda. Fall asleep after sex out women center. Said that an and we will we teased on the show that we were gonna be talking about it. We have all these different women comment on FaceBook sane yet I wonder the same thing. So west had an answer I'll get to and a second went. Bjorn from the gay perspective why you man completely just fall asleep and are kind of worthless after messing around. Well I'm sure this front is censor scientific explanation like we don't know I it's just the I would like this and retired hopefully hopefully we'll distill a lot of hard work and you know everyone's happy at the end and then needs this one on to Google Maps. Instead. What else is there to deal that was his response is that what I'll should we be dealings through now on the Cumberland and Barack. The dog apparently not not at all so that's a pretty simple answer and I was sitting there. I'm and it's like I I get home from the gym I want they can happen I mean maybe it's ten in the same situation IQ uses burns and calorie is the right to want to yourself so little bit of aren't our. Yeah makes acts are it's a next one with the men are really thinking in are gay edition get to gay man's perspective why do nice men. Date mean women. That's Cherokee now that that was a situation that we had a woman sent us a message at FaceBook dot com slash mixed Milwaukee. Her brother Byron ever the situation correctly her brother. Really nice guy appear he runs and a nonprofit in southeastern Wisconsin doesn't help take care of their grandma. He's good tar her daughter his knees but is dating this woman that's a little bitchy and short with people not only welcoming an early nice. It's a she asked quite does that happen. I can tell you from experience I know men that are great guys and they are with ease. Ice queen a women do you any perspective on the. If there's sonus that they're they're trying to make the world are pathetic trying to fix the girls is. I mean is that maybe a thing and I know like. I've dated some kind of asked those guys and you're like the nicest guy right there so I think part of me is like oh I can't I can make the sky nicer I can I can turn him into like the great guy that I I see the potential there. So maybe that has some means do with. I think you have something really good there because that's probably what it could be Wes McCain's answer. And I feel like I'm told is going west under the bus but this is what was said on the radio. He basically said she's hot. It show hot they don't care you know as that bottom line it goes down to looks. Next maybe eight. Our pain and women near as I didn't even think about that I as I directed an even occurred to me that she could be smoke and I'm just I'm thinking like oh well. And a lot of great girls who have perversely dated totally terrible diets. And I think a lot of times it's the same there they you know they think that they can save them and on them and I wonder if the reverse commutes referred. You know guys standing ice cream girls now would you say is on the guys that you dated that perhaps worm. Total jags where they really attractive though the legal guys I appreciate you they Wear. So maybe yeah that's examination of all of bombing us is going to be therapy for me yeah I think. This is all about their peak OK next why do men do dumb things for example this message we had a woman. Call into our shell and told us a story of how she went on a date with a guy second date thought things are going well and he asked how the week tourists. In front of her. And and that went under the category of why demanded dumb things vitamin C they're gonna tax and they won't why my demands say I'll be home and eleven their home to yeah I mean under the umbrella. For what men really think he Y eight. Why do men do these things reuse whatever your head against the wall I think. I mean I don't know about the guys who asked the wages out because that's pretty Steven chemistry but terrible I think. I think guys are kind of stupid sometimes. And stress this is just under normal on the like any straight guys kind of are just they're just on sometimes and they don't always think about the consequences of like what they're doing and their dislike. There in the moments and they see something that they wanted they wanna do something and they just can't do it. And they don't now is you don't fall through I think it's just. Maybe her the way our brains are develops. That's almost exactly what was said he basically explain it in a sense of animal instinct there that men just they have that narrow focus they. Perhaps cam multitask as much one thing nickel for that one thing and that's it like. Not to compare men to dogs but. Dogs I have a lot of male dogs growing on the and it wouldn't some of them are neutered these levels hormones and anti female dog they will run across the street risky hit by car. Just to go after that decision affect just to go after that female dog race which is kind of an always sort of what happens in the world of humans. Right I mean maybe is slow him more involved the high. And maybe maybe not maybe maybe a little bit. But all men say that they'll be home at one time they come home really really late. With that well this time alcohol involved thought process. I'm alcohol or maybe something else well am I mean both I think they go hand in hand greatly alcohol on the bad decisions they're both kind of intrinsically together side of I think maybe that's part of it I mean does anything really gonna happen after midnight. Nothing good happens tonight. Some good things I think that some of the more questionable decisions that people make are usually happening after midnight or early style after the influence of some practical. Catcher that aren't so BR before we wrap up your release on the call rapid fire. A friend of mine at what I told that I had you out on the shoulder and a podcast together. She's like you know all these stereotypes that come with being gay man. Is any ist a three L isn't and so it together she and I came to this game called game or today. So we have we have these were just random questions that we sort of put together this is day RT now this is not an all this is very much just a big old stereotype that you. Maybe feel like the gay community wants to remove themselves from some aren't that says a big burden will sit down right. Yeah now via posters tell us about them for all the day's show rapid fire gay or name. Going to a baby or wedding shower because there are times I've I gave friends are invited because there are sort of asked friends with the girl. Is his day or Renee do you wanna go to these I'm the same name there's not a goes through you know. You really love your part of it it's part of your lives and you wanna be there for them but. Yeah at the same time like being surrounded by a group of women in your off funding over the baby sour or could Vermont like. Narrower are seeing I tell you as a straight woman I can't stand being near each hours. They include who goes to doesn't says that they love them except for grandma red. It's just it's a lot of hubbub you know it is on this on this except pomp and circumstance and I just if you like. Aaron no one really wants to do that on like a Saturday afternoon there's probably have a better things are more hours and rent in the six hours because somebody wrote to line the message in a card read in the energy run just to sit and read for everybody right and sit there and have to make a how to I was like yeah trichet. There wasn't baby shower that I went you. And this person mayor Annapolis in this podcast but it was an interesting thing it was an interesting game that happened they please it's crazy games at these showers sometimes. This baby shower they had baby bottles full of Jews. And every woman. Had to child the baby bottle. And whoever could drink the baby bottle faster won a prize and I am watching in my at the time eighty year old grandmother. Champion is busy bottle all my relatives are seeing chug chug shot. Grandma and I looked and I thought hell yeah I just so crazy and maybe slightly inappropriate and Reynolds I should not to children. And his bottle. That sounds like torture and it while I was Georgia it's like. That's like a frat party for our lake and you know pregnant women picking why would you do that what would you do that okay so we know it now that that's a name don't if you have your you're gay friend unless they say the words. Please invite me to your wedding her baby shower yes don't invite. Okay I'm going shopping with your straight girlfriend's game or day. That's pretty I think we're we're cool with that yum just don't I start to select on the weekly. Yes once in awhile and you have to go with us to restore through Russia Betsy they go. Sending Dick picks again your name crew superdome super okay. As Lou if you weren't there is an actual website out critique my Dick peck dot com alert dot com. I just heard some friends of mine in New York are talking about on radio show that this woman it use and her. The next she'll critique on and it their glitch shall put them up on the website interests and shall get feedback in all kinds of stuff OK I thought that at that and our street concepts. Our street. Argue and send in the said I bet that there streaming in congress and an intern because I think the game and it probably aren't pretty good at taking that into. And a. And we've already got the feedback I think you know the biggest take away I took from a list in that segment that radio show is. That firm man if they wanna send these picks which by the way. Women don't wanna receive it unless we say send me absolutely I Ayers and it's a great point because I even for the game as I feel like unsolicited dictates our old Joni and her rude and on sexual harassment kind of place. I mean but if were consenting adults in your intimate great bring a mind but I did like an English Canadian idol I think there's a lot of gay guys like all you have been thinking about you let me. The news and need to panic but there's like a congress hasn't happened before that power. Our interaction its not my bottom you see if you go on tender and and you just like sender parents. Right you know and and getting back to what she said it is not good for Dick pick is if it's just. That she said the best ones are the ones linking includes like your abs a little bit or maybe it's like now like. But wastes of like. Based type pictures symbols are builder batter I would say there's suddenly a lot to consider when you consider a proxy guy like not waiting you've got angle Alina backgrounds. You know like you don't want your dirty laundry like in the background like you on your. Furniture lay you don't want that in the background for any pitcher Yousef now I just say that for anyone listening to this podcast. If you're showing your baby bond and you are in the shower in the bathroom in your showers behind you and you have now wash that shower in the last five years. And closed the shower curtain there should never be anything in the background right read any fear you know after taking it to pick in the mirror like for God's sake we index the thing first street there's nothing wires. Then like his leg thirty Mir and you're right this is not hot at all why isn't polka dotted on LA doesn't just toothpaste on the Mir today. Okay that's our son and yes and we now turn this into a hot a critique Dick picks we had a mean that the job of what the Tumblr website is. Which is real lesson by the way I think that that's kind of had to sort of feel like that's going to be my new time with who and that woman is genius and then give them but she did mention that there are some days she's a lawyer during the day of him but she said there some days it choosing a feeling within these pictures she over an answer some some decisions are probably really horrible thing I would say 99 point 1% of them probably are yet because men are all about themselves and that part may be more than they should be totally so anything like this picture's going to be the past and maybe and as. And it's not but there is an art to thank and I think the gays probably have figured it out well is they've got a little closer to figuring out so do you think a guy listening to this who wants to send one of those picks to his lady should it. Talk to land is gay friends to be liking what kind of tips do you have would chair the mayor may ask your gay friend to give you advice on a picnic day your name game. And I think I think it for a straight guy if you ask your gay friends for advice on anything that's flattering because that says that you like you value their opinion and they maybe have some really good thoughts about what you wanna do right you know whether or not you get into like showing your gay friends your detect -- critique before you send it to someone like I'm not so long Contra. Yes that change things have been different if I had a male friend and if my male friend who weren't out of all interest in each other ready to the same to me to be uncomfortable tone it he has talked to me about it. It's and he what he thinks I do this to her that's different this is giving advice rhetoric. But don't you wanna get critique he just go to critique my Dick picked up Tumblr dot com which by the way to address reach out to that woman after this podcast. And just say we gave you sold many plugs roommates we should have Iraq and a boost that's fun OK get hurt on and I'll come back and wall critique them together yes. That sounds that's only okay that's the next podcast okay. Next day or name tenor. Name. What YouTube to grinder. I simply because that does the day's biggest kind of came up with like geo locating and and hook up Mattson. They had that before Tinder like before the tenable forestry community adapt to that yeah so I would say even that's a new does laughter you know guys for guys are connections. I think via some other answer that they've got a grounder that that's Graf they've got. Any number of them size I would say in Santander. Nan tender okay next does there need to be a more feminine person and the relationship nag. Total enact because I feel outweighed doll they do and I think that you went askew Sardinia to what they say who's the girl who's the guy guy and that. That question like is kind of offensive because you're assuming that there has severe more feminine person. I have gay friends to both guys are superb masculine and pine sort of like traditional like. Butch rules. And I gave friends to both. Are slightly more prominent and they get along great net and just because someone's demeanor is on line. Doesn't necessarily reflects like. Their roles in the bedroom which I think is kind of underlying yeah question the people are asking amass that yeah so I would say name. Good answer good answer to that sports day your name both. Thank you for insane that so little people did not feel. Like there's a friend of ours whose son is not in the sports he is not a sport it's on me to comment dove. Maybe today and I almost lost my Miami what does that even 'cause he doesn't like sports than it does it mean anything not a it's so narrow minded now. I I mean I am personally I was months ago at the sports. But I hope you can just say the sports the sports Saturday night a source of lack. Certain things of balls like we can deal with that meg not nods for best to stick packs we just know something else. Okay so you know some duels is there not a politically inclined but I have friends to play on softball leagues on dodge ball leagues kick ball leagues. The unity there's there's a gave on bully here in Milwaukee yeah so I would say sports aren't as reserved for everybody. And nowadays as people want they want are starting to be more open their sexuality and your fine a professional sports that people are. Becoming more open and there are still several. Gay men that are playing professional sports that are in the closet I'm sure there isn't more than several exactly exactly and hope it can come a day where they can be college and B. On the sports teams and no one's gonna care or know what's gonna say number 230 you know reggae basketball player yet I might act even be that. I think that is coming I think the you know it's it's so long process but I think says you know somebody that we won't be an issue two hours talk about like uh oh you know I don't wanna be in the locker room with someone who's this or that way but. I think realistically. Especially Alec professional sports team. I think people are gonna win only their for the game they're not they're too especially concerned about you left whether or not they're showering with someone and who that person is dating. Well there's the pitcher for the Detroit tigers' Justin Verlander who's engaged to model Kate Upton came out it was on watch what happens live. And she was asked the question do you and your fiance Johnston who's an MM LB pitcher. Do you sacks before the games she's like never there's never sacks before the games and she says and if he plays a really hard game. There's no sex afterwards. Which back to your point they're not thinking about that if they are out there with a multimillion dollar contract to win a game ready they're there to work it's called being a professional. Absolutely an incident you've got. You know millions dollars on the line you've got your career on the line yeah busting your thinking about is coups some guy a is dating like you don't. Afterwards using about like what you did and and how you can be better and it. And for men that do feel nervous about being in a locker room perhaps was someone that's next to them that's the two gay to you that's more. That straight man's issue Ed Norton but what it what do you feel that this going out of their brain I. And I and I had a. I think there this is gonna sound feel little like little harsh but I think that straight man when they're in a locker room with some of his day. They're afraid that the game prison's gonna treat that straight man doing that straight man treats women. And their friend and they're gonna be objective side or they're going to be sexual eyes on. Alone is just got new I don't now deepened the exact day digger of the don't let it let. Written about what double standard because it's like not all not many Manuel. Identify women especially perhaps at the gym I just testosterone seem. Pump then because you're working now you're feeling yourself a look at south enemy air and there are times as a woman will be working out. It's like some guys just look an annual. And you wanna say that I'm not here free L race and I'll there in the locker room. Like you said perhaps into a gay man am afraid aren't uncomfortable so to speak feeling like he's doing this and that they just have to cross outside. Yes they think nine law and yes seizing about like you just to save it like a girl and a guy and a street guy looking at her but. And he thinks that's OK but if there's a guy behind him in line with his his but suddenly that's not okay. That is. That you really just blew my mind with that because did they don't think of it that way yeah they don't see the double standard totally double standard and I think that that. Is maybe what you are properly if we don't realize that I mean that's like the higher level thinking like maybe you don't. Get all mad on about it but. I think that's really like what people are concerned about is being overly sexual eyes from the don't wanna beat them bomb. I think you know that's it's a really good point to bring up four straight guys and gay guys and women like an ever when general. Yeah that's a really good point B aren't. What is your whole burns this is going to realty and the future of the future of the gay community there are so many young kids. That are still struggling with their sexuality and not just kids as adults of show that are still trying to figure out their path and what they identify with so to speak what is your hope for any money be listing events that is struggling with their sexuality. Doesn't know who to turn you how to talk about I mean. What they identify west. I would say to anyone who's listening who's you know maybe saucer with it like it does hit batter and there's a huge campaign called it gets better you can find the website and you'll read stories about people who once they came out our. Eventually you know their lives just got so much better after. The face that struggle and and rectified it yeah I mean for you personally in my final wave an African around my wish I would have done it earlier. On what I did come out I came out with sixteen okay mom but I knew for a long time before that and I felt like. Once they came out and I was honest everyone around me it was just so much more cultural because I was comfortable so it does it now that being said like if anyone is median. Dependence on their parents or they think their parents are gonna react like it's coming out is in which an unsafe situation. I don't do that I mean make sure that your safety is top priority lies and eventually like it will get better and frankly I think clicks someday down the run like my hopes and dreams for the world is like moving in a world where the labels don't matter and they all kind of fall away and you're just. People you know interacting with people and not necessarily gaze strayed by tram is clear of any of that. Well there's so much talk of that right now especially everything going on in government and that Wendy turn on the television and there are certain people they can use a certain bathroom and annexed it goes back to this and then there are friends that are worried that can be able to get married to the person they love anymore. And it could kind of be for someone that's young perhaps geared to them because they're seeing all these. Scary headline absolutely because they feel like am I not going to be accepted and I actually have. Aid normal life because of what I what I believe you were born. When you were born this way of the knicks are really got I totally just exercise but. Does that hit kind of dampened a sort any kid related out of gay or name a day day she's pretty fairness and real guys. But that can be scary for a young child that turned on the news and here's their parents talking about some of this going on the world does it feel like what's. We're gonna be like for me. It has and I I think that's actually a really good point for parents to consider too is like maybe think about what you're saying at home because what you say could interact with their children and they could be influenced by that and you know you might to speed making a passing comment about you know a bathroom bell are about you know something you Cianci about. That your kid might be internalize and gotten that could be faster for them on but it doesn't change for your child isn't shouldn't change how much you love your cat right love is love cancel it. Thank you so much BR and I hero is so much fun to hang out with and you're such a fun guy will you be back into DeShea decay I would love it anytime you want because we're gonna talk to critique my Dick pic dot Tumblr dot com we need to talk to the crater of that site that sounds fantastic summer and hope I can't and it picks. That's sounds fantastic and you know ways and you want another day opinion Syria Carrick blesses the you know give me a call I love it and they are baseless that. If you enjoy this podcast and you wanna hear more make sure to subscribes to can be updated when there's a new episode so to subscribe to podcasts on your Smartphone. Open your podcast app. Or you lose your Google play app in the search backs tight end at fifty shades of K. Now the fifties spelled out so it's 50. Shades of K once the podcast comes up click on it and then hit the subscribe button and it is always a give any comments or suggestions for the podcast. Still pretty email me at Elizabeth Kay radio at gmail.com. That's Elizabeth K a Y radio at gmail.com. Thanks for listening.