Who's The "Perfect" Wedding Singer?

Tuesday, February 13th

Elizabeth & Radar and Producer Dave talk about the probability of Ed Sheeran singing at the Royal Wedding.


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Every top news report so it's been announced an egg she here and it was invited to the royal wedding in May and asked to perform a few sometimes it. Easiest thing weight easier to perform the wedding song that's when he eighteen my prediction perfect caught sentiment don't but yeah probably if you can imagine what Sana that's why is he gonna upstate now Elton John was Elton John sir how are you allergic to be asked. He just canceled a show that you know don't even know that's when the wedding is maybe just cancel this show for some. You know the case you lost a goner summoned my PC in this story gone right now against an amidst the real I don't. His next year expansion where reform is he gonna sing his own music early in his new budget covers like a good when you go to weddings you know the band you get normally covers. And distance she's got to his house. That everybody here this year and a crowd of journalists on the other question is are they paying him. Mike you paper Vander DJ do they have to go right or is that his wedding gift to them he says all all Payne misses. My gift TO they go I don't know that's a good question and we'll fine I'm sure soon enough because may nineteenth is coming up.