Who's Going To Win The Mirror Ball???

Tuesday, November 21st

Elizabeth & Radar and Producer Dave talk about the Dancing with the Stars finale. 


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99 point line in the next Elizabeth and radar tiger public support and we want to show all lanes from find out who's gonna get that hideously ugly mirror ball trophy for dancing with the star but its coveted. He has an ugly it is radar is coveted camera still wrote Barbara Lindsay sterling and The Who according producer David is any sleep in just three I'll. Man she's. Life and I realize it's an address at the end those text the end of proudly asleep on his way to. You haven't cracked down my friends are de watches it later because he doesn't watch and tells governor Hanna comes on when she works out restaurant consultant I see these checks. He's certainly it's a completely freak next axed she ballroom dance while playing violin and then did oh lead and back. I also the word. Honestly she gets cheaper for scores yesterday but she's but they said Jordan Fisher got the highest score yet to perfect storm also. Eightieth on the day there was a fourth judge is Julianne Hough. Back good it's Desjardins really good but he's a raw. And then now Broadway dancer you know values Yahoo! story does he was just increase live with Julianne Hough and she mentioned that a slave to fashion eliminated from the petition while I'm Zain it's not fair it's did hasn't eliminated in yet so we'll Australian. You took your bio. Violins playing your magic putter. Backwards ballroom dancing with the violin and. Over him while still playing violin Jews as the wind who cares nothing days on the side of the building and the sterling and got it she's got the most Joseph what's really at early together all year. Miserable performance and hopefully she'll win tonight that's her top news.