Who's The Better Driver?

Friday, May 25th

Elizabeth & Producer Dave discuss which gender is the better drivers. 

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How are you headed out of town this Memorial Day weekend and who's going to be driving that's coming up it's Elizabeth the radar was off today producer David studio. Days of listening to the maximum coming up here on 9 o'clock which again that's when you get the next code word for a chance to win of 1000 dollars. That LP if you have a little vacation planned for the weekend some extra cash and lots and I. Now the reason why I asked who's gonna be driving is it going to be demand in your family is that going to be the driver because there is some new information out. Sorry ladies. Apparently men are better I knew have a DD I knew it then on us their superiors sense of direction. Allows them to be more efficient and make better use of short cuts. Claims scientists at the University of California Santa Barbara shortest route the best route but immediately I Google. Men and car accidents and what did you showed up for yesterday. Just want a guy in Chicago did. Just as we only do so I got Chicago drive an SUV. Crashed through the front window of a seat d'alene. This happen mr. mall on Wednesday. Because you're trying to get to his haircut appointment and that kicker just. He went through the glass window okay he crashed did all that and then just left his vehicle and walked in next door for a haircut appointment and you biggest. He says the men are good at navigating he knew exactly where he wanted to go and he got right there OK and that they and that does this research says that they're also really good shortcuts that's a shortcut I don't think that he was supposed to take this is your opinion through the window attorney in the front row parking flat. I think he he did that he did that rot somewhere he did that ride.