Who On The Morning Show Graduated With The Highest Honors?

Monday, April 16th

Elizabeth & Radar give away more Brewers tickets, but some trivia needs to be answered first. 


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99 point one of the knicks at solicit bids and radar with Chris who wants to claim a few of us on Wednesday could get up or Chris if you win these tickets. I gotta get a whole lot of ball good all the way you bring one of the jinx what are we bring one of the kids if you wanna tickets for the burst. I don't reckon ball erotic ball better in that these but I will say is Bruce today but if anybody gets in trouble we're not to blame. I know what are. All right Chris so. It's disturb your friends that's a gamer playing and you have to. You have to name which member of the boring shall. Graduated from college may not cool lobby where China is spinning into a positive today and not all of the did the negative ones at the delta cards the odd man. Chris what he's saying you think it's myself Elizabeth radar our producer Dave. But I'm gonna stay. You know it can heal and Milwaukee. I'm that they had killed Elizabeth is just end up pumping Elizabeth. I'm flattered but it was not sure. I'll I did have an average 3.5. GPA even when the main Gilani thanks so much for calling Greg Norman did you violate the letter I Dan Utley and given us on Wednesday it. We're all right hopefully the answer because Chris got Iran which one of the members of mourning shelf. Graduate from college magna cum Lonnie I. Our agreement today your perfect. Yeah. Eight tries and tries and actually the smartest one here I've ever a lot of art book Smart they're very definitely are and yeah. Remember I got my degree in theaters I think not acting class and I had to get in my bullying class to get the magnitude the cook very good. Well yeah you're gonna hang out that's at Miller Park to the game on Wednesday and more chance when these tickets coming up tomorrow on the Mexican grabs me yeah.