Which Local Mall is Closing on Turkey Day?

Thursday, October 12th

Elizabeth & Radar talk about Brookfield Square being closed on Thanksgiving.


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So did you see this for the second year in a role. Brookfield square is going to be close on Thanksgiving Day they are okay yes and this has got national attention because they're owned by a larger company that has. Over sixty shopping centers throughout the country it and a proud others are saying yes we are not. Going to be open on Thanksgiving because that's a few years ago or places were open on Thanksgiving he's always earlier and earlier you know I. I always sit there and to I don't know why people get so passionate when these doors open. And close if you wanna shop there on Thanksgiving don't show up there on Thanksgiving if you don't wanna get a Black Friday don't have a Black Friday. But when they get so upset about like these employees have to be there to work no one's make it work a retail job. Our retail all through college and I loved it because an out of work these holidays I get time and a half. You get the money am I right but a family where my mom worked in hospitals so he didn't get to celebrate necessarily. Think Guinean. On Thanksgiving Day so our holidays were all different times of the day I don't reminded it and saw I mean I give the people are saying good for them but. Is it really good good good friend I mean so there so they're close I don't I don't see what's of quietly he's saying like pat on the back in. Shame on those blazes cardinal nation in the oven let other people stay home with their families and 11 o'clock at night joined Turkey it's their business and yeah opening what are your views on the radar IU passionate about it at the places open circles on Thanksgiving you know what. No I I'm kind of with yields you know what if people wanna work I'm sure that'll force them to work it's like he can you cover the shift yet. There's people just like you said there's people who you know family may be can't get together that day so you know what I'm gonna work maybe Friday or Saturday a get together. It was a big deal. Yeah there's not a big deal but if we are making plans for shopping in and don't plan heading to Brookfield square on Thanksgiving Day because they are not too. Going into the open but of course they will open on Black Friday. But golf the places and outlets still gets the big day. I think it's I think is critical because then when everything's said and done 84 hours five hours of shopping I go to breakfast. We always had breakfast Logan still my belly and then I go home go to bed. Well that's why I'm here I did Black Friday shopping and I loved it was great that I want a home opener of all my base and realize everything I bought was for me. It and yeah.