Which Country Is BANNED From The Olympics?

Wednesday, December 6th

Elizabeth & Radar talk about the olympic ban put on Russia.


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Some big news yesterday a rush job banned from the Winter Olympics because of Joseph Pina. Now this happened they're saying in 2014. Helen bag so Cyrus shot. Not have that story this year and there is a late night trio here he's got a late night hosts talked about it last night. Russia has been banned from the Winter Olympics I'll. Doubt but don't feel bad Russian I even though he won't win any gold medals you did win the US presidential. Russia was bad from the Olympics but Russia doesn't mind they said that just invade some other teams there. Russia. Has been banned from the upcoming Winter Olympics for the use of performance enhancing drugs. And this does not Russia was also abounds from participating in the next presidential election. And boiling. I don't have a field day with these kind of headlines that Salinas.