Which Celebrity Does NOT Want Their Kids In Showbiz?

Wednesday, May 16th

Elizabeth & Radar and Producer Dave talk about comments that Ryan Reynolds made about his kids.


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Do your kids the following your footsteps and choose the career path that you have right now that we're talking about coming up in your top news is Elizabeth and radar not a nine point one the Nixon we're live from the Kessler's diamond center studios well dead pool AKA Ryan Reynolds now because I think that's how it works now and knows the veteran Reynolds anymore. If he and his wife Blake lively very successful in Hollywood together that worth about 91 million dollars but he was asked in a recent interview. Do you want your kids to get additional office. Don't want them to go into show business now know mostly it's them against child abuse. Though I mean it says showbiz this for a little kid is that's a crazy pursuit you know I mean it says the acting is great. You know cold theater school back have been anything but. Not a showbiz so what's the difference now is he seemed like that so did I boxes just talking and he was a kid actor running. Yeah yeah younger actor Bradley in the world but I want probably an act. Term for that and that's not. I don't spin the kids I mean I think if they get in the world that show business as we've seen over the past year with a lot of the corruption and things going on in the with a shield businesses as a preview of it is not just. Because you acting you go into it is not as easy as that they do one thing that people who say the community theater for their whole lives that they just love acting which new study shows we should mention producer Dave if you're just trying to show has an acting degree and is an actor and that's why we come and you know turn to you for this and what kind of a joke is now. Well perhaps always seen as as a child maybe he's seen Robitaille actor eighteen do you want but right now as a child don't do you know there's there's rules about the child actors on sat right on TV sets they could need kids and more than five hours Leo certain law. They certainly haven't they like not enough in going into rehab. Lots got to blame the parents on that wants a maybe that's a Ryan Reynolds saying I like he isn't any inquiry for herself right he doesn't want to achieve and recently she's in the new TV show right now the easiest the strait yeah that we are actually knew about it. And I aids through traffic exiled. Actors I guess you're right he was in 1991. Ryan Reynolds was in his first thing and he's in 1990 wanted to grassy junior high or something. He was fifteen years he's fifteen. Seat as a child actor. Yes definitely that is a child actor and it just is doing that which you logic is appalling your footsteps radar given a radio yeah I think I've talked to them about the course knowledge mr. shots and you'll you'll do that's my oldest now in Middletown Alexi had thought about doing like TV or radio or something like that. Does she still up on the bubble to. Do that yeah of course Haley my youngest well. She's she like snapped jet and is pretty quiet to so I took my kids and one that's very outgoing so but I wouldn't mind it when mine and and all yeah we can talk shop I feel it. Totally at what it don't you all feel like what it comes to your kids. Do something that you love because a lot of time to your coworkers have weighed more than what your family. Yes and that's what public becomes second families to me that's like telling it like getter and they get it down my gives the Falmouth let's have a Hispanic there.