When Kids Get Their Parents Phones - Part 1

Wednesday, June 13th

Elizabeth & Radar and Producer Dave talk about what happens when kids get a hold of phones. 

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What happened when your kids got a hold of your phone and reuse any apologies later. We'll tell you liar retarded that your animal ex Elizabeth and radar sunny and eighty today are right feels like it's gone be summer thank goodness. On the next so mixed listener Allison Bosnia. FaceBook friend of mine never actually met but on FaceBook you know we connect every now and then and she's pretty active sometimes on the FaceBook story. And I was at the pride parade of on Sunday and I was posting on demand videos and pictures and things like that and if you go to the FaceBook story. Kelly snapped chatter instead Graham received quick little video or image and it goes to another one and that only up there about 152 yet. And people react sometimes doesn't thumbs up or listen you they. The little caffeine hysterically and algae. Well. I was Q seen all of these messages sent to me. From the pride parade and one was like the angry MO GE which I've. Ford and if you have an issue of gay people we're going to be friends 'cause I've a lot of mileage that are gay and I've yeah I support. As aboard their lifestyle and so yeah I sort of seen anger abilities and Alison is an iron to sink into something that we should be FaceBook friends because we. Have there is coming through yes I'm your messenger yes and I get. This Adam OG. I'm like why me why is she crying about this picture. That implements laughing really hard and I was so confused and there are twelve of these nickel back and forth she drinking and I'm thinking right away no. Pour Alison sent me a message. All MG I am so sorry I think my son who is three. Say you apply Jimmy Mo Jeter today I am soul. Sorry he got a hold my fault line I was cleaning in. I responded back I'll allow also funny no worries and she's like I am soul and barest. And it's and Milla good to me there and I am telling you were so many matches coming through my wow this woman is really passionate about the driver and. It's so funny that attract a lot accused of got a hold of signing bonus and it just makes me believe that. Somewhere deep down in this case they know what they do in the date they didn't know that they get into the to the creators are agents and to you have a good my story and sent. The connect necessarily knew really what what they were sent and you view mode before they clearly knew they were like in the messenger for an that you get them out greatly that you can I send out the it is when they like to face is accused of funny but this woman and a there's a million there arm bands on and at least it wasn't. So embarrassing image she had to you know retract some great FaceBook status or something that he put up or did you would never allow money to live that down yet Sherri your three Earl Bennett's. Okay. I can. Laugh unfriendly. I happen but still whatever when their kids got a hold of your phone and he did cost a lot of money maybe you are on series. Damage control and trying to apologize to people left in writing and Allison was only a couple of mode you that were sent but I can see where she was embarrassed nonetheless right. Thought it helped us and send them to be do this look like fun to you clearly don't blow enforce a nine I ten Eddie and I went up when your kids got your phones.