What Happened To Ellen?!?!

Tuesday, March 13th

Elizabeth & Radar and Producer Dave talk about why The Ellen Show was ultimately cancelled.


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Time for your hot news report and Ellen the generous was our Dax Shepard podcast armchair expert is what's called and you've got talking about. Roller coaster of being on her sitcom what she had to succumb Allen remember that's a good your knowledge and get any fault it was or therapists in the big legendary episode. Well what happened why did it ultimately cancel she's not talking about what really went on behind the scenes. And they finally let me come out and it was a huge success of the night it was huge celebrated it was you know 45 million people that Watson. And then they just stopped promoting it because everybody was scared ABC Disney. Didn't wanna be because of their sponsors were given a hard time losing sponsors so they were just act like we're we're just letting it collide we're not gonna touch it. So they talked about it and then they did it and then this process got scared and it was it was over how different things are now and when he ET Al big time just how far we've come I mean. Now I'm on television shows. I mean there's shows based around. Gay characters there's and it's not even like a coming out saying it now it's just acceptable. To just another head another extension of a relationship type of thing hey. Great story line let's do this. Clearly if you didn't burn her bridges like it and make ABC and burned their bridges of Ellington she's on ABC's tells us now I guess it was like up all. You came out you can't work for ABC anymore and yes he's still our trees in the shells ice age is just the general public has changed some minds. Yeah yeah and it with all the other things going on for the Nader and yet in the news headlines and make us wonder are things moving in a better direction this I Billy cannon gives us. A reminder of yet there are things have moved. There's still work to be done and has moved in a positive direction and it has because now we have violent games and games Brian Gay and I love the Allen is just mean she is sort of is this media mogul now from so she's producing the success of her talk show. She gonna go hosting the Oscars. I think anyone just like Alan easy do nothing you outline that residents and Arianna.