What Had Happened Was....

Thursday, October 12th

Elizabeth & Radar talk with callers about why they were late for work.


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Hopefully here on time this morning but there's a lot of mornings that you might find yourself running late so that's what we wanted to know. What is making you late this morning Elizabeth you weren't late today Iraq. I only yeah I would see her I had a bit different on you you're doing fine I was. I like to be here at certain times does a few minutes off of my time I was late for the show but I don't let the dog out before I went to work today I mean this is something that pops up in. You always feel like OK I've got so much time to get to work out and then something gets thrown in like a little a little wrench in your system so gonna find out from you. That's 4147991099. What's making you late this morning pat. And I currently. It got popular I thought a wrap up at night. And don't you quarantine in one room at college and on my brother got that. Are like a star and I think I'm out there bro. And I hit. It but I can't work. Are you all put this this stress of trying to socialize the new cats together you can't referee. They are exactly the chance are such acts I mean she. My. You know and I yeah why aren't you on radio app and are. All right guys well you know it you're good paddle pet owner that's awesome that you rescued cat. Good luck daddy. Gave hello anonymous it's Elizabeth and read our current and. Originally this morning in front of it. I'm gonna rumbled out of line or. I will enjoy that he'd go to a I didn't go to public school she Peter Arab and that interact and I think I would get your hour. And going to the power of the article or what are called. I had to go out and abatement factoring in open court you know let off called my house band of Oregon. So he might just film and I district but unarmed tweet and I realignment wait half an hour. And I get hurt or tied to go to school and how many rape or. Telling these days getting better for you after all that I hope Daria and if you only go from there. Holiday and you're. Gonna take rallying slightly late for work. Well I am currently short story or. And one time wanna Michael called me and you actually see. Where it. Credit because it sound like a lie it sounds believable but it's a creative story but he this girl is not going to do any damage to discard it. No intent to any damage and at first I thought you lie out hot out exactly from where all. But you would aim and the rest of the year that I it was like I am poorly that they had us all to get to decide. What it. And who honeymoon. I was it would but it kind of what I told contain things for college and you're welcome in my eyes. And what's gonna what's making you late this morning. Why I can't paper work. Can't get our earlier in the morning I'm in readiness and and have it bigger is my record right now cool what are. I really go for it out there. Column yeah it's easier a lot of people this morning and yet you're having quite the day you need to have a glass of wine when you get home. Or the whole bottle board and look good actor I'd say thanks for Colin and.