What Is Fat Tuesday?

Tuesday, February 13th

Elizabeth & Radar and Producer Dave talk with a nun, Sister Roberta, to learn about Fat Tuesday. 


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It's time to learn about Fat Tuesday. Hits Elizabeth and radar on 99 point one the mixed maybe an enjoy approved skinny and a producer Dave who doesn't celebrate Fat Tuesday because he's Jewish. All morning has been all over social media and asking radar and I would appoint others I don't get why it's a pledge to you are you eating as much as Fat Tuesday. Very valid requests and I'm sick time Dallas sold radar and I said. Let's call expert I. This is certainly rough bird the Catholic Knight is back on the show all his sister Roberta outlet is that she's L about it. It hit eight tradition that in order to prepare or let people use there at. They're liars because when Glenn speak in prayer and fasting and all skipping steeped in in a more serious way. So people you'd. What I did in the air and so to speak so that. I when date that they begin on more rigorous. Way to slice. Excellent we're still we're packet it out of Canada. An odd to me clear enough pantries that we can cast during months. Yes that's true the the idea I guess I know I obviously Poland's is very popular or put skis because that's what the word. Is it polish word. Yes yes there really popular and here in Milwaukee we have such a large concentration of polish immigrants that's why this area really embraces the state. It's interesting because our current bid is at the same Alaska's national they lead their I had one corner. And whereas the other little lie that outsiders I looked out my window. You drowned out past the front though don't do that. Oh I don't oh well we know you are given a free pass to heaven if I guess for the past that line all year so I yeah I got some prison Dave what other questions. Yeah I guess so effective this incident Derry candidates eat and you know sit in Montreal there but in their every day of prayer producer rap. Love doing that city is this a day though that also like people go to church and go through prayer as well. Oh is that yes today that is really tomorrow. Amaro is the official beginning of land. Now sister bird before we let you go here let me ask you this do you get up something for lent. Actually what I am doing this land. Dead really concentrating and giving it up I plan on doing something more. All the that's in just like yeah like agitation grades maniacs don't act so much to give up I'm probably should do something more for some of these. That's awesome server every time we talked to you you're you're always giving us such great advice and words of wisdom and I think I I don't come back and CC deal this is a fun. I've learned even more this morning what is his CD that's another day. That's another thing. Right sister Roberta I think he's so much for being a part of the show this morning have a great day. Well I do wish. Everyone I'm happy to state and certainly a flash slept so that got would be without. And health to insurance form in that's what needs to be transformed.