What Do You Do During Your Lunch Break?

Thursday, September 13th

Elizabeth & Radar with Producer Dave talk to callers about how they spend their lunch break. 

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What do you do during your lunch break has a new survey is out and Boyd says that some people actually work through their lunch break you kidding me it's Elizabeth right on the mix of producer David yet we have lunch breaks here's week I don't know exactly what it is that you do make the radio dot com. You guys listen of the Max what that downloading now it's very. Yes of this survey done by the Robert half company which is. And HR company. And I says some people actually work through their lunch for 29% of the people serving work through their lunch break they don't even take a break could take a locker anything like that are just gonna be by themselves actually work through electric I couldn't do it. When what I did have a 95 job like I was saying earlier I would have to take lunch break it to step away from the computer and get away from the desk in that clears your mind doesn't go get food made a front for lunch we'd we'd all eat upstairs in the lofted. At first stage it was a fun time we play games and stuff but the Beagle rather like you Elizabeth who do need their food otherwise they get angry I do being very. And this is why I'll never be on the show survivor because the policy aside a vehicle and I. Husband's lucky enough to see so I could finally due date is in the year world. And your work day and 4147991099. What do you do you during your lunch break dearly. Is it in my heart open. And you currencies like this your last breached that there aren't great but actually we're gonna act very adding. You know I am sorry half hour break. A lot ordered people about their car like I bail out airlines are here who are in their. Airlines are a lot of back at her car at eight. Volcker an arm yet generation and. You know I sit in the breaker or anything with other people I know your own. Leaving a video on you don't need she's excited our break from all of you know at that you are worried. Are yeah a little something here by all people are joined the lunch breaks thanks for being a part of the show actually. Our Arab. YouTube Biden I. Give RGR what do you do when your lunch break. My crack in my head while I liked a lot. Of work with old iMac and a look tired of the I won't be blonde. Okay and eat lunch like in the break room at work no. I know where you go out artwork. Credit why did. Now that's we're hearing more and more people began they feel like OK they see their coworkers all day lying don't need to have lunch with them until. You kind of going decompress and have that moment to yourself that. Makes a lot of sense Margie I like it we appreciate the cause I love your name by the way. YouTube by Margie are. Violent mark on what did you during your lunch break Michaela how much you are. So you're one of the networks through the lunch break. I need it eat eat eat out I got an app that. That it eight. This is fascinating you can get we don't really have lunch break so we're learning so much about why these statistics are what they are used wanna keep powering through and get your work done seeking get out there anyway it sounds like. I'm Obama and I look at what law that that Eddie and I get my act back. And I. It's not worry me is go out at it in the area and I think is whatever is. It. So you describe yourself as a workaholic. Ask. And yeah. Yeah do you get you angry. I say tackle or are eight I love where. A light up. Yes just by case situation as this is exactly that that makes sense yak yak is probably gonna be that productive if you you know one of punch somebody in the days. Sometimes I feel that way when I get angry and we can start and producer Dave and I just are ducking her. Yeah running about a whole they can tell they can tell shifting into an art I get that close to me to be analysts say he went less time you ate something that my husband says that. But they sense that they know when it's come and we just go the other way. Yeah at the end of a big snacks accepted yes the astronomy. Thanks for calling in Akeelah.