What is Brunch? - Part 2

Tuesday, November 14th

Elizabeth & Radar talk with callers to find out the real definition of "brunch"


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99 point 1 and exco morning Elizabeth and right are and when do you use the term brunch. People always go out for reckless they offer let's go for dinner when you offer brunch is that. Is it between breakfast and lunch is it over lunch. What time of the day do you go to brunch and I was at brunch I call it anyway but 93945. On Sunday. And I got shot down by producer Dave said no. It's not it's got to be actually after 10 o'clock in our FaceBook page book do I feel like brunch is clearly a weekend thing fancy cocktails are served. And based on my experience it's any time you wanna eat something in that on the menu has. Flaky to get lasagna and pancakes. That's bronze. We can mix and match those worlds together and it happens when you wake up. Well 1 o'clock in the afternoon break for lunch and I've seen a brunch buffet before with eggs and bake in an in the sandwiches maybe salmon. You can sit there and pick get input and crackers I mean that's. That's a brunch buffets. We're unsure after 93010 o'clock in the morning until. Liberals to brides were trying to solve and figured out to so we're trying to figure out here wit Emily as we go to the phones 4147991099. Family when the that we use the term brunch correctly what do you think. Well as I'm on that used to work at her after us. It's in the forefront. We don't write that. This part I was at depth fronts at 930 didn't get caught up too early he thinks anything after ten because it's cool sort of lunchtime qualifies for a much. I mean we read like a rock was all we probably an Arab and Warren because. Opera and everything a lot of it Juarez. You know packer game never like that that you could. I am in the morning just before you know and any app play. For our people coming around noon and all he only ate breakfast or or something while watching that day. Yeah and then what Mary or unfair and it. Kind of a I don't brunch is. Apollo over her fans and yeah quarter progressed. They did that wake up early enough there's got it right. Your right it was it was completely solid and I was humbled or that that I kind of his breakfast. And on it like Jay let's call it brides it's I do agree to hangover thing which is why haven't they can elect later in the morning thanks for scrambling to get another call advocates here have agreed to a bit of Debbie when is brunch. I'm ends. 1030 actual argument that her daddy and I let her role. But I work as a weak as Ed are urged hydraulic collect art and thirtieth 20 in between the office. OK and you said it any day of the week. Not just the week I guess you can brush whenever you want. But we know on three fronts really is of the best meal I ever brunch is rock and he gets he gets so many actions that cocktails are always great. They are to get up super early. You don't have to have. And I get Betty at brunch at that they have alcohol you can add up all the time of the day. On that note guys let's get some got a little it's a brunch things debit.