What is Brunch? - Part 1

Tuesday, November 14th

Elizabeth & Radar and Producer Dave have been debating in studio, and on facebook. What is Brunch?


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That point one and it's Elizabeth I am radar Peña we had a huge argument here in the year in the studio our FaceBook blew up yesterday. Because. Of the term brunch now would be used the term brunch Britney rise is this Saturday Sunday thing for brunch. Happens what I can get pancakes. All right again. Like roast beef for Brock HTC on the same. That surprises to me just on a Saturday though is this your Sunday. Sunday at the weekend thing is every time you wake up. Until about 1 o'clock. That's right. Dull it apparently is not the right answer based on the FaceBook or no apparently not. It also stabbed he also dipped alcohol apparently. Serves always it. They have alcohol. Offer tee time with the queen and this would dissent past weekend. My mother in law had me and a birthday party for so we went to well we just went out to. Get food in the morning let me just preface it that way these British tradition to set over that and I'd I'd I texted. The morning show partners here because I said we're getting together for the bears Packers game. Red breakfast Brit brunch actually and then we'll we'll head over to Elizabeth south in the past as he gave right away as like. You're at breakfast not brunch. Like golly why. Think why is that day. And 30 in the morning he can't have first well I would you Elizabeth I think branches and weak and things like. OK until you know exactly Tuesday brunch but. It's got to be at least double digits in the time like you can't have brunch before 10 o'clock I sat down at 930 game including come until after ten. That was the whole thing and it was a weekend so stay because its hybrid between lunch or breakfast and so you wouldn't necessarily eat lunch that no I am yeah. Exactly that's the executive branch is the hybrid of breakfast and lunch so if you're going to be eaten at 930. Which is. Breakfast time realistically that you go to schools sometimes they have lunch at 1030 and eleven so that can be considered brunch time on the weekend. Well we did not wanna go to the Internet for the answer of what actually identifies a meal has run right. We went to FaceBook. People who work as I butler's response from me and you say well bridges just in time where you can eat breakfast New Orleans food with alcohol. Doesn't matter what time does matter what I say it's pancakes and when money was tight and we loved by the way and she would make pancakes for dinner. She would do we thought it was slowing Italy because of the house that's right we we at the ticket would that be like Mac and GT he also on that was their eyes that. Now that's. Just a record that there that's Steinbrenner presents breakfast yeah good for dinner that's exactly that conscious that it can I put the yesterday is that so you're saying that I eat. A breakfast sandwich at 6 o'clock at night with a bloody Mary college brunch instantly you know that's redder. This late but at this. I thought it with alcohol we solved it yet now we have Palestinian and. A better explanation of what you and a buys Reich. The times saying. Is it T think there's a meal thing. Follow on force and I 1999 how do you define brunch.