What Are You Thankful For? - Part 2

Tuesday, November 21st

Elizabeth & Radar talk with callers about what they are thankful for.


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99 point one the next it's Elizabeth and radar and don't forget stuff Abbas is happening. Tomorrow all tomorrow I'll let you believe it's already here is we got Thanksgiving and join as a ticket to save and Brookfield. Come on I'll make a donation and make a donation online. Every little bit helps because there are people that are really gone through some tough times right now and they're unable to feed their kids their families I mean this is really tough for a lot of people yeah and they would be really thankful. If you came out and helped us stopped the bus again that's tomorrow 6 AM to 6 PM editing conceive in Brookfield a Greenfield avenue that's we're talking about things just thankful for the pass this year couple. More calls on this on the final wrap it up but what are you think before this year Melinda what do you think before. I am thankful that I have. You know our reliable car at job just my friend he's my friend about my world that here. All while you know it really does a lot of things in perspective when you say do you think brought in friends are so important and you mention your reliable car. The air there's so many things a lot of us take for granite. And you're sitting there imagine a car that's cost sobbed. Staff and my friend I don't have family and around all my friends. My friends are right now I roommate cart broad dollar that I don't you think you're right I think we want to look at let's go to were you. Are you their street Jenna that's awesome while it is grange thanks Sharon Amylin thing. To buy it right. Chris what's gone on today what do you think the four. There are I am thankful for my Honda and how good friends batter every in the US military ITV. You probably don't really isn't. All he's tall he's giving him. Don't really mind you Britain or early. That's what the with military I mean they make so many sacrifices sacrifices at some people don't even realize. Like that their of their fight for our freedom and not able to be home with family. Well see your son for his service. You heard a report from big hug mom big hug. Celebrate Thanksgiving in Seacrest. And dressed up. Or eight years are really happy this morning leaving the floor. I am Byrd happy that my husband who was extremely else. Often since April's is. Bought back in her right d.s. He didn't think you're gonna get holes you've got to have a problem. He's spectators annoying cell fans picking up over time that she would Hannity and other. All I am so happy he's back for the way he was it just it was alarming report. Our dad I adds that's awesome this year and I'm sure a lot of deal came together really help jog during that time chill. Surely be had but now we're kind of picking up full court we have pretty neighbor go bombs. We're diagnosis have in the past few weeks he serves. I'm Mark Shapiro and others I'll accept my I'm pleasing neighbor what we're all other federal government and make deals that. Chris Dodd Dennis awesome boss John thanks so much happy Thanksgiving you know.