What Are You Thankful For? - Part 1

Tuesday, November 21st

Elizabeth & Radar talk with callers about what they are thakful for.


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99 point London exits Elizabeth and radar doing something positive this morning this Thanksgiving this weekend's kickoff of the holiday season and there's so many things going on in the world that you just you turn on the news you. Go to FaceBook the Internet and just everybody's upset and complaining and they're taken sides and has all the nonsense and Hollywood's so we're trying to ask you what are you thankful for this year because. Everybody can see there's at least. At least one thing. Did you have that you can say yeah I'm I'm. I'm thankful for that maybe it's your health maybe it's. They get airing your lungs and another data do something on some neighbors just had a baby last week that's right you play number is 38. And if you're listening to this. I'm gonna say I'm thankful for Yale. Because this you know more in just off to some changes recently it's not easy for everyone but we really appreciate you sticking biased or all the changes and we're excited first. What's going on now what's to come sold thank you wolf that's I'm thankful for now I'm thankful for being here and I. Listeners. Absolutely it's an awesome hugs from across leave the room there you go 414799. At 1089 Oregon based of us had faced a stark contrast makes a lockyer trying to put some positive energy out there what do you think before Danny what do you think the floor. I am saying Obama I got a good parent. Forgetting had a lot of big hair and we're loving it. That is also all my life works with Foster families and she tells me these stories. All the time I love to hear about these stories Abby that's costs arm you've got some really are people there at your house thanks so much for calling happy Thanksgiving and I. Saying hey what are you Angel floor and Oprah I don't know job. Yeah us yeah amen sister you're right the right people that wanna complain sometimes about work we think that yeah yeah have a place to go to work. Exactly and it didn't help apparently did they ask you about but the food. Want the right right yeah he's seen what I've heard yeah you're right Lindsay thanks for sharing any happy Thanksgiving and think he's. Thank you asked to go Barney and hello chip you are this morning's what do you think before this Thanksgiving. I am so thankful that they're here and you keeping up and although it is as. Worry so what are you doing you high school teacher okay they're art are all that's all it's you tell us where you teach to give a shout out to the school. I yeah I think that the Mira hi well that's that's asked Angela thanks for being the teachings that are really important job we appreciate you calling man.