What Actor Uses An Earpiece?

Friday, June 22nd

Radar and Producer Dave talk about Johnny Depp and his use of an earpiece while acting. 

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Acting out your seeds get a memorize your lines oh wait wait till you can just put an earpiece there in the that be awesome. It's Elizabeth the radar nanny nine Boyle won the next and we're live from the cast of diamonds senators studios. Elizabeth win the week off and producer Dane is here with you pot is yet time for some pop music and Johnny dat. He's been in some hot water lately you know. His divorce and amber heard accusations out against him in a budget essays got a new movie role he's got to be in waters and I have but okay their mind that would be a good match. Got to one put up. Dini. Interview with a Rolling Stone recently and wanted to get some truths out and the biggest truth of the interview is that earlier he's told people that. Yes he does using your p.'s. While he's on sent. At the united rolls. But he promises that he's not actually getting lines fed to him through his ear piece this is what he says he says. Quote I've got bag pipes a baby crying and bombs going off in my here. They create the truth so my biggest heroes weren't silent film had to be behind the eyes. And my feeling is that there's no truth behind the eyes doesn't matter what the blank words are. It's on quote so he's saying it is that he's onstage to surrender and look at your right now mile an hour or acting partner. I can't hear what word you're saying because I got these bagpipe played in my night here. But I see that your eye is okay now that remiss in my line. Blah blah I'll call you on imagining that don't believe that. There who he's right you do that with your eyes and you see people you know you can't you definitely read people and you know you learn to. Listen and absorb. Can respond you know so you talking to me I'm absorbing all the syndicate and the guys transfer it this is acting went on president Bailey acting one of one. But to be. I guess from my I think that do to be on screen having a bunch of loud noises senior year while someone's trying to you know put a message forward to me talking to anyone on one. That takes away from the scene I'd say you can't still OK and home hosts are ahead your peace in my ear and have some plants and in your deck was he sent me in this congress and Oakland completely erode because you're really listening radar depth. It is gonna rain today is that what you said she's a message that my guess he's not he's not getting lines fed to them he's just. Make in the scene a little bit better even more interesting she's left homes are handled it is time on building and have cash did you say something else and a.