Welcome To The Year of the Dog!

Friday, February 16th

Elizabeth & Radar and Producer Dave discuss the Chinese New Year.


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It's the Chinese there. It's a Chinese New Year today is their big New Year's thing great he looked to be very confused I. I'm I am very confused. Producer Dave have you celebrated Chinese New Year do you consider really the cooking and things like that 900 celebrated the Chinese New Year at this lure them in the giants as hooligans dragons look at. Industry. Oh yes and it is on year of the dog I get excited about this because we have some friends that have a tradition that they do have big New Year's party during the Chinese new years. And they made great boon or whatever a year of animal is they have beams around that so is the year of the dog. And the years of the die if viewers some of that was born in. 1934. Or 194619581970. And a dog arrived at this you know it's made a nice old doggie door. 198201994. This I mean. 2006 for your fourth this year you are the year of the dog now these people have certain characteristics. And radar what you are definitely the year of the dog okay why is this these peace only Chinese New Year are considered to be brave. He wanted to be a cop at one point in your life they did it chickened out. Is not brave little bit a little ill. Damn loyal you very loyal how many years given happily parents when he finds so thank you very much does loyalty loyalty loyalty connect Orkut Elizabeth so there's oil director yes it's you and I worked together early in the 2000. And have a strong sense of right and I'm. Sort of and I ask my mother love that but okay were good again. Totally deal. But if you look at his celebrated Chinese New Year just lamented that at pot a lot of meet later today all throughout the night it gonna do like that. The Drake in dance and they're gonna handle around I'll have a lot of me in a lot of food and icons on the ball right like they do at Times Square I don't know all the religions and angina now. I don't know if they do OK so the difference. I feel like the ball dropped this is also a good time maybe you're struggling with your New Year's resolution here is you've popular welcome redo. Guys time Marty how exactly are they fail to forget that.