Wedding Surprises - Part 2

Wednesday, July 11th

Elizabeth & Radar talk with callers about their wedding surprises. 

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What surprised you at your wedding maybe need to shake it off of it did surprise issue I think I'm brides don't want those. I'm high as it's Elizabeth the radar here on the maximum average academics anywhere with a three great dot com have a releasing on your phone. That is the way to listen to the next and what's surprising to winning kind of like the for don't you couple your Wisconsin. Who were doing a little video a little look back at how they met and how much love they have for each other. Sitting under a tree and the tree branch broke king's snap and down almost hit them they jumped up with their peers took off. They're fine and what's really funny about the video if you see it the groom just sit there are gonna Ken Miller Lite because you know sheik. It was constantly astray but some guy in a background by the pot belly helped direct fault. There okay think it is thought well hold tree branch falling niners. Scene after an off on your wedding day that's quite a surprise so we wanted to know from you kind of surprises I have an eight year winning 4147991099. Hannah Europe first what happened. I'm happy I am married last year and whose department didn't really gorgeous except. The fire without one back at our accent and all you hear the you know what how how sure and as I've marked on Iowa from crying and really emotional out there that struck lady who are your calls elephant ears. And why does she carry great teacher but it's paid about bikini in calculating. Wade and she's at paid dot bikini and a any series. Really old lady come walking out my idle while and about they'll lock down at night is being gradually and funny and I keep the ears are. You my act out through my wedding I ran out errors occur each spot. X and I. This error click crying the last things. Who have when things get really emotional but I am just laughing so hard I Hewitt come about but it turned around waiting for it right on my help. Let's see he expects is in the drug only eight of the Q yeah sure rocket on the island inimical rioters. And that is bloody day for sharing are there Arab. Ardidi whatever do you what surprised you and your wedding. So I have and I got married at the the only standard treatment a big building right yeah you know after weirder that you're outside of the ninety day outlook and the big wind you can cut maybe I'll hop of my head. And put it on top of the hole and and my husband when he got to Larry it'd talent. And being entered my grandmother at the same thing happened to her on her wedding. It just in the evening at the polish and there are some not 100 but it better that they have been better Kirk Barton. They're married for ten years off the graduation and the blood at least he went and got on the Ambien I was thinking on gas and this is to these thousands signed up for the I'll get up there is a veil down everyone you like in the right. Well we're here you know exactly that's why he went up there to get that keep you quiet and I learned that there should be an idea of marriage. Things for the call I mean. It. He's a producer Dave said they do is call lake takes the cake he gets out of a pun intended we're talking about what needs here. I'll Melissa L what surprised you honey I'll. Ask the flat surprised you. They are straight letting it probably. Win I want a look at day mom and wedding what happened. Dole offered them I move the accident very closely they were here in Wisconsin virtue Larry and they came at. But I mean my house has. Well that's a great surprise then it'll be a wallet Wisconsin for country USA one year ago. This is your. Tina yeah. Why. All that isn't really really cool. The by graduating that they senior anything like Ben Ali is thought. They are god bless the road. Though they say. They did a few of the school and you had no idea. I had no idea I. Hurt and anger people hearing it that he pictured. It occurred occurred at its screen for the and I went I don't I think some of the chapel amateur it. But I looked it up there they are locked and. And their and their you are gone who are these people we invite them hot. Young regulars are actually need a that is a really good story. Outlook. While you're at right. That is a good surprise dig deep for the call hopeful and yet you talk about it game by.